Understanding Customer Satisfaction

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Mr. Jack has been in the food and beverages department for 20 years and for this 46-year-old cheerful person, work to him is something pleasurable and important. When asked, what makes him stay here this long, he said that it is human relations between departments and organizational familial atmosphere or the so-called “kekeluargaan” that made him enjoy working for Jackson Hotel. In all his working career in the hotel’s restaurant, he only focused on one thing that is, customer satisfaction. The happy and contented type, Mr. Jack puts much effort and dedication as Head Waiter in River.

He claims that his day-to-day challenge is customer satisfaction. He tries to understand the need of the customers and will do whatever he can to accomplish satisfying his customers. To him, customer satisfaction is a priority. He admits that he even gets into trouble trying to satisfy this goal by being creative and resourceful. He starts his day at 10am and immediately checks on his staff and the smoothness of how things are going. Once a week, he would allocate some hours to train his staff and having gone through numerous training seminars, Mr. Jack seems to show his technical competence and confidence in training.

Mr. Jack leads by using his social skills, and does not appear dominant. He likes to appreciate the work of his subordinates. He is a team player and he believes that the key to effective leadership is cooperation and two way communication. As far as decision making is concerned, he tends to be fast because in his line of work, he can not make the customer wait. In fact, he has to be creative to solve customer complaints. He cited one instance when there was a staple wire in the food where the

Indian customer was very mad. He realized that it would be too late if he has to seek advice from his superior, so he made a quick decision and gave the customer a 20% discount. That pacified the customer and immediately solved the problem.


Mr. Jack has worked his way up from a steward until Head Waiter for the past 26 years hence equipping him with all the experience and knowledge necessary for his current role. Physically, Mr. Jack is heavy built and tall, and may give an impression of a tough bouncer more than a Head Waiter. However, beneath this physical impression, Mr. Jack is an approachable and sociable person. He likes to interact with people form all walks of life and respects people’s values and differences. This could be one of the reasons why he sees his work as something enjoyable.

He knows how to restrain his emotions but some times, he can get emotionally affected. Emotionally mature, he understands people and prefers to maintain peace and harmony in the workplace. He claims to be a happy and contented worker. He also dedicates a lot of his free time to sports and enjoys teaching. He does not need variety at work because he has focused his career to serve the needs of the hotel’s diners. In a way, it seems that he has found his “comfort zone”.


•Customer-oriented, objective is to please
•Appreciates other people’s work
•Motivates those working for him
•Has strong principles

•Needs to be more disciplined
•Sympathetic (too considerate)
•May need to modify his leadership style


Mr. Jack has spent 20 years of his life serving diners at Jackson Hotel. He has been rotated to several restaurant outlets in the hotel which had equipped him to understand the customers’ needs. It has also allowed him to meet and interact with all types of customers, from the most difficult to the most easy-to-please ones. Years of experience taught him to appreciate differences and respect people’s opinions and needs. A high school graduate, Mr. Jack did not feel the need of a higher educational level because he regards his experience as the best teacher.

Mr. Jack’s major assets are his positive outlook and high customer-service orientation. He is a happy and contented worker and is focused to making his customers happy, too. As a leader, he uses his social skills and personal approach rather than displaying a dominant style of leadership. Whenever something goes extremely wrong, he refers to rules or he seeks the help from the higher level. He places great emphasis on people’s needs and is motivated by team work and cooperation. He knows what it is like because he, too, started from the bottom, and knows what it takes to reach where he is now. However, he may be too lenient and kind as a leader. He also does not need any variety and may not be striving very hard at work. He seems to be living in a “comfort zone” already.

Based on the foregoing, Mr. Jack is appropriate in his current role. He is a simple worker who has exerted effort to achieve his status now. He seems to have mastered his role and understands the needs of dining guests. Other than his current position, Mr. Jack would be appropriate as a resource person to train future head waiters.

We recommend him to stay on the job but perhaps transfer to him to another restaurant outlet for a change.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy here.