Decision Making Process

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Mr. Greg seems to be content with his present position and not driven to meaningful achievement. Satisfied with his current condition, he apparently has little push to achieve the best result. As a manager, Mr. Greg tends to use autocratic style of leadership. He maintains intensive control and less willing to create broad participation among his staff in decision-making process. He also displays forcefulness in instructing his staff to do their tasks. While this step may be effective in applying order of rules and create obedience, it can also irritate his staff and produce counter productive responses.

In approaching problems, Mr. Greg tends to combine analytical and practical perspective. He narrated that he rarely encountered serious problems in his workplace other than dealing with anger and drunken customers. In this case, he would deal with them calmly. If customers’ behavior were getting worse, he would coordinate with security to resolve the problems.

Technically speaking, Mr. Greg is very capable in his workplace, the bar. Therefore he felt he never found any difficulties in handling internal process in bar like preparing list of menu or creating new types of drink. In fact, he regularly has to come up with new list of drink. He could handle this matter easily as he is known as the best and most senior bartender in town.

Mr. Greg has proposed some major improvements to boost up bar attendance rate, which over the best five years has been steadily going down. In this case, he proposed to expand bar capacities and renovate interior design of the hotel. He felt he could handle this major renovation as he is often asked by other parties to design bar from scratch. His idea was not well received by management.


Mr. Greg is an extrovert person who is eager to extend his social relationship to people from all levels. However, he prefers to interact with an individual in an informal setting. He is uncomfortable when he has to speak in front of a large group of audience, likewise, passive in a formal meeting or party involving a great number of people.

Mr. Greg has tendency to be emotionally expressive, meaning that he does not hesitate to express his feelings openly. He also prefers variety of situations and tends to get bored quickly with routine and monotonous activities.


• Has excellent technical skills in bar areas
• Organized in doing tasks
• Has good attention to details
• Resourceful

• Low need for achievement
• Tends to be autocratic leader
• Needs to improve his managerial skills (let alone supervisory skills)


Mr. Greg spends his entire career as “a bar man”. He started his career as a bartender; and then moved up to become bartender supervisor, and finally become bar manager.

Mr. Greg is content with his current job and apparently has no high inner drive to achieve more results. He is apparently bored with his current role and feels that his present job does not offer him a challenging task. (He has actually proposed to expand the bar. Had this idea been well received by BOD, Mr. Greg might have had a greater satisfaction with a more challenging task of growing his idea with a greater responsibility as a manager).

As a leader, Mr. Greg tends to use an autocratic approach as his means to achieve his team’s goal. Technically very capable, he does not have big trouble to manage the internal operations of a bar. As an extrovert who likes to socially interact though emotionally expressive, Mr. Greg seems to have an excellent skill to operate a bar and his technical bar expertise is also recognized among other hotel operators. He has actually been approached by two other hotels to become their bar manager, but he declined to join because the salary was not spectacularly higher as he expected.

Overall, Mr. Greg has proven to the management that he is a capable and responsible employee. What Mr. Greg needs is a larger exposure to new ideas in his field of expertise to be able to implement a new approach in a competitive industry. However, it seems that he has utilized his capabilities to the optimum and believes that this is as far as he can go. We recommend extending support and motivation to keep him going productive. It is also recommended to identify Mr. Greg’s possible successor for continuity and give opportunity to some of his subordinates who are potentials.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.