Career and Work Experience

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Mr. John has accumulated vast work experience after being with the hotel for 26 years. He began his career in Hotel Emerald as a room attendant and has worked his way to reach his current position as the Executive Housekeeper. He has high regard for details for his job mainly deals with administrative tasks such as supervising, monitoring, checking the Housekeeping staff and their performance. He also prefers to prioritize his task so it will be easier for him to finish and be in control of his work. He strives to do the best in all tasks and to accomplish them as perfectly as possible. Upon retirement, he aspires to be an academician and share his knowledge of the hotel business to budding hoteliers.

During his younger years, Mr. John could be characterized as a firm and strict leader. Over the years, however, he has outgrown such leadership style and has adopted a more personal and diplomatic approach in dealing with his subordinates. He is open to them and fosters teamwork in his department. According to him, most of the problems that he encounters involve the inadequate facilities and other necessary materials that are basic to a five star hotel. When faced with this, he has to make quick decisions and use his bargaining abilities with the Purchasing and Accounting personnel so that they would grant his request. He further narrates that even if he is able to solve the problem, he needs to be proactive and think of solutions even before another similar dilemma surfaces so that the hotel would not be in danger of having unsatisfied clients or losing them.

Mr. John complies strictly with the rules and procedures of the hotel and does his best to follow exactly what is written in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Although this may be a good trait, there is a tendency for him to perform unsatisfactorily if a situation calls for an action that is not within the scope of the hotel’s SOP. In so far as customer satisfaction is concerned, he tries to the best of his abilities to meet and answer the request and demands of the hotel guests, despite the inadequacies.

Mr. John comes across as friendly and pleasant person. He is a social enthusiast who enjoys social conversations and interactions with people in general. Nevertheless when it comes to work, he is able to separate work from social chitchats. He said that at work, he gives the impression of a serious and dedicated employee and a disciplined leader, whereas after working hours, he becomes everybody’s friend. He admits, however, that when provoked, he has the tendency to be too expressive of his emotions at times to the point of being blunt and offensive. Despite this, he still maintains good relations with others and would prefer to avoid conflict or getting into confrontations. Unlike in his younger years, he is now able to have a good grasp of his emotions and is working on being more tactful and considerate of others’ feelings. Within his 26 years of housekeeping, he is committed to established norms and rules, he has adapted favorably to routines and repetitive tasks.


• A social enthusiast, regards himself as everybody’s friend
• Conforms to policies and procedures; committed to rules.
• Displays loyalty and dedication to the job

• Very strict with the rules to the point of being rigid
• Tendency to spend much time in socializing at the expense of the main objective

Mr. John has spent his 26 years in Hotel Emerald as part of the Housekeeping department. He first started as a room attendant and held that position for four years before being promoted to floor supervisor in 1981. He further advanced in his career in the Housekeeping department in 1985 when he was appointed as the chief houseman and night housekeeper in 1987. After five years he was promoted to be the Assistant Executive Housekeeper and held this role for approximately four years before reaching his current position as the Executive Housekeeper. His primary responsibility as the Executive Housekeeper is to attend and maintain the quality of cleanliness of the hotel.

Mr. John likes do work in an orderly and organized manner with clear rules and procedures. His strict adherence to the rules and regulations has made him a strict leader, who gives emphasis on discipline and punctuality. He takes his job seriously and does not do any unnecessary socializing or slacking off, but is sociable and extremely friendly to others after working hours. He is used to doing routine tasks and has even developed his own system in doing his work therefore finding no need for any form of change. His experience in the Housekeeping department of the hotel has enabled him to make fast and well thought off decisions. Moreover, he is also able to satisfy client needs and expectations by being proactive and making quick decisions.

Mr. John’ 26 years with the hotel’s Housekeeping department has given him the chance to improve his abilities and knowledge on hygiene and cleanliness. Despite his mature age, he still desires to learn more about the hotel industry, especially about other departments and how they work. It is for the above- mentioned reasons that Mr. John is deemed to be appropriate in his current position but should not be given any and no further career promotion is necessary. Should the hotel management consider giving him another responsibility, Mr. John’ interests, knowledge and experiences would make him a suitable lecturer on hotel housekeeping operations.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.