A Dominant Leader and Style of Working

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Mr. Torres does not project a dominant leader. He apparently does not have either much eagerness to dominate others or intention to use a formal line of authority to give instructions to his staff. Rather, he uses his social skills specifically, his soft personal approach when leading people. In other words, when he needs assistance from his staff, he tends to be careful and requests in such a way that he does not come across as a demanding person who is vigorous and forceful. This approach has worked well with his subordinates, both from his and other departments, because they can easily follow his instructions. He also narrated that when his peers encountered difficulties dealing with their own subordinates, they would ask Mr. Torres for help; as a result, resistance problems were resolved immediately. It is for this ability, that he could create conducive workplace where his subordinates felt safe and happy. Continue reading

Strong Leadership Qualities

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Mr. Gerrard regards his job as something important. He has already worked for 12 years as steward staff and is familiar with steward’s duties and responsibilities. As Assistant Chief Steward, Mr. Gerrard works according to routine work schedule and event order from C&C department. At present, he is pushed by the situation to be able to create shortcuts in anticipating the needs of customers. He claims that the management should be aware that after so many years, the dining equipment and utensils need to be changed to meet the 5-star hotel standard of quality. Otherwise, it would affect the hotel’s image in the future. Continue reading

Leadership Style

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Mr. Dany has reached his goal in so far as his career as an engineer is concerned. He has been working in the field of engineering for 28 years and to date is the Head Electrical Engineer of Apartment Meridianty. As the incumbent Head Electrical Engineer, he is tasked to coordinate and manage operations of the Engineering department in Apartment and report to the Assistant Chief Engineer during his shift. His work is comprised mostly of administrative tasks mostly 60 % on paper works such as preparing the agenda, reporting and filing of needed equipment and other related paper works. Only a small fraction of his job require him to apply his technical knowledge and skills such as troubleshooting faulty equipments and assisting his staff in doing actual engineering work. Continue reading

Career and Work Experience

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Mr. John has accumulated vast work experience after being with the hotel for 26 years. He began his career in Hotel Emerald as a room attendant and has worked his way to reach his current position as the Executive Housekeeper. He has high regard for details for his job mainly deals with administrative tasks such as supervising, monitoring, checking the Housekeeping staff and their performance. He also prefers to prioritize his task so it will be easier for him to finish and be in control of his work. He strives to do the best in all tasks and to accomplish them as perfectly as possible. Upon retirement, he aspires to be an academician and share his knowledge of the hotel business to budding hoteliers. Continue reading

Decision Making Process

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Mr. Greg seems to be content with his present position and not driven to meaningful achievement. Satisfied with his current condition, he apparently has little push to achieve the best result. As a manager, Mr. Greg tends to use autocratic style of leadership. He maintains intensive control and less willing to create broad participation among his staff in decision-making process. He also displays forcefulness in instructing his staff to do their tasks. While this step may be effective in applying order of rules and create obedience, it can also irritate his staff and produce counter productive responses.

In approaching problems, Mr. Greg tends to combine analytical and practical perspective. He narrated that he rarely encountered serious problems in his workplace other than dealing with anger and drunken customers. In this case, he would deal with them calmly. If customers’ behavior were getting worse, he would coordinate with security to resolve the problems. Continue reading

Employee Assessment

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Mr. James depicts the profile of a dedicated and disciplined employee. Considering that he is just a junior high school, he compensates this limitation by constantly displaying a good moral character and strict adherence to code of work ethics. Likewise, he continually works hard to accomplish assignments satisfactorily. From his examples, it appears that he has maintained a good track record as far as obedience and discipline at work is concerned. He claimed that he had never been absent in every single working day during the 23 years of his career in Jameson Hotel. His strong endurance in working has earned for him the award as Best Employee of the Year in 90’s.

As a leader Mr. James applies relatively strong control to monitor his own as well as staff performance. He puts emphasis on the detail of his work to ensure that everything is taken care properly. He checks his staff works closely and pays attention to every corner of the public area to monitor whether his staff has done their tasks appropriately or not. Continue reading