Strong Leadership Qualities

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Mr. Gerrard regards his job as something important. He has already worked for 12 years as steward staff and is familiar with steward’s duties and responsibilities. As Assistant Chief Steward, Mr. Gerrard works according to routine work schedule and event order from C&C department. At present, he is pushed by the situation to be able to create shortcuts in anticipating the needs of customers. He claims that the management should be aware that after so many years, the dining equipment and utensils need to be changed to meet the 5-star hotel standard of quality. Otherwise, it would affect the hotel’s image in the future.

Mr. Gerrard is neat and meticulous in his work routines. He likes to work based on schedule and is given freedom to handle it. He is concerned about detailed work and makes sure that everything is well prepared and nothing is missing. For this, he does not mind to personally handle details and gives direct information and guidance to his steward staff.

Mr. Gerrard does not project strong leadership qualities. However, he has good sense of responsibility and is concerned about serving with high quality standard. Due to limited authority to make decision, he tends to be careful in responding to problem situation. He will make sure that the sources are provided and will ask to his superior in facing critical problems. However, he is energetic and has good work stamina to endure demanding tasks. He claims himself as handy who is ready to help and support so that problems can be settled quickly.


Mr. Gerrard comes across as a verbose individual who is proud of his lengthy years of experience and contributions as steward staff. The management should note that he is the type who enjoys spotlight and would need a pat on his shoulder – a simple appreciation – to keep up his motivation at work.

His social nature shows him to be effective in the group situation and enjoys meeting with people. He is open in expressing his feelings and emotions, however, he can still control it appropriately. He is the type who avoids conflict situations with others and prefers to be accommodative in facing this situation.

He adapts to work routine with ease and naturalness. On the other hand, he would show resistance if there is change to be implemented in the organization. In other words, he maintains the traditional approach. Looking at career prospect in Sun Jaya hotel, Mr. Gerrard says that this is not his first priority. He is happy working in Sun, even though he realizes that the salary is lower than the other hotels/market.


• Being familiar with his daily tasks and activities, he can create shortcuts and labor saving devices in completing his tasks.
• He is practical and able to act quickly within his area of responsibility.
• He enjoys interacting with people as group and individual.

• Being too much involved with detailed work, he should delegate minor tasks to his subordinates.
• He can be rigidly systematic and needs to be more flexible in managing his tasks.
• He seeks recognition and appreciation for what he has done. The management should note that he is the type who needs a pat on his shoulder to keep up his motivation at work.


Mr. Gerrard is a senior high school graduate. He worked in Sun Jaya hotel since 1990 when he was appointed as Steward Staff. He climbed his career from Staff, Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, up to present as Assistant Chief Steward. He reports directly to the Chief Steward and his main responsibility is to develop and monitor work schedule, supervise and train the steward staffs. At present, there are seven supervisors under his direct supervision.

Mr. Gerrard appears to be a friendly person who regards his contributions as something important. He is the type of person who needs proper appreciation for what he has done for the company. He is outgoing and enjoys meeting and interacting with people. He has good quality concern and thinks that management should improve the facilities of the hotel to meet the 5-star hotel standard of quality. At present, he seems to function quite effectively in his current position. However, we find him to have lack of potential for further development. He is a type of a doer who works according to company’s rules and procedures and the direction and guidance of his superior.

Based on the above findings, we are of the opinion that Mr. Gerrard is currently happy and comfortable in his position. He is reasonably active and productive in conducting his current role. We find that he can be a good support for company’s operations, but not appropriate to occupy a managerial position due to his lack of potentials and limited skills and educational background.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.