Leadership Style

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Mr. Dany has reached his goal in so far as his career as an engineer is concerned. He has been working in the field of engineering for 28 years and to date is the Head Electrical Engineer of Apartment Meridianty. As the incumbent Head Electrical Engineer, he is tasked to coordinate and manage operations of the Engineering department in Apartment and report to the Assistant Chief Engineer during his shift. His work is comprised mostly of administrative tasks mostly 60 % on paper works such as preparing the agenda, reporting and filing of needed equipment and other related paper works. Only a small fraction of his job require him to apply his technical knowledge and skills such as troubleshooting faulty equipments and assisting his staff in doing actual engineering work.

Mr. Dany applies the theoretical knowledge he has acquired from his education and combines it with his work experience to handle problems in the Engineering department. He shows a high commitment in finishing a task and prefers to deal with one tasks at a time. In addition, he does not delay doing a task if he feels that he is able to accomplish it now. He narrated an instance wherein he had to stay until late at night to fix the lighting in one of the rooms in the apartment because he cannot postpone to do it the next day.

His profile indicates that he is inclined to do his work in an orderly and cautious manner, which is a must in his job since there is always a danger for him to get into accidents while on field. As an engineer he expressed one technical requirement is to observe safety and security at all times, primarily because he is dealing with a dangerous item which is electricity. By such the risk of getting electrocuted can be avoided.

He shows flexibility in his job and is able to perform tasks that are not in his job description or area of responsibility. For instance, due to the shortage of manpower, he is forced to do repairs and maintenance of equipments that are meant for his subordinates. He also has to set aside doing administrative tasks if there is a need for him to attend to a problem on the field. At present, he appears to be contented in his position and the responsibilities that come along with it. He admits however, to experience a slight boredom at times due to the monotonous nature of his work’ but is still able to find means and ways to “spice up” his work to make it more interesting and enjoyable.

Mr. Dany gives clear and direct commands and expects his staff to follow and abide by them strictly. He makes it known to his staff that he would prefer for them to consult him should they have any problems with his instructions rather than commit errors in the end. To show his sincerity in his offer, he sometimes goes to the actual site to assist and demonstrate to his staff how things should be done correctly. As a leader, he does not display a strong or dominant type of leadership, but prefers to use a personal approach when dealing with his subordinates. In addition, he also consults his partner- the head mechanic- to help, him device a solution when faced with a problem concerning the engineering crew.

Mr. Dany shares his responsibility with the head mechanic and does his job as carefully as possible. He gives special attention to details and makes sure of the appropriateness of the situation before implementing a solution. He solves problems using his practical experiences and common sense. He feels that despite having a partner, he is obliged to have quick problem solving skills and to do the job correctly the first time because he is left to decide on his own at times.

Mr. Dany is loyal to the company. He tends to be a “yes” man and is conscious of what is expected. In doing the job, he strictly follows the rules and conforms to supervision. He prefers to ask for his supervisor’s advice, even if he is competent in handling engineering problems in AIS. However, for minor problems he can manage.

Mr. Dany shows very high concern in the management’s expenses and tries his best to help save and cut costs. According to him he has suggested a few energy saving ideas in the past. His proposals include usage of lamps with lower watts, hence consume less electricity. He has also suggested to use brighter lamps to light the pool area at night. He expressed, however, that in order for him to effectively convey his ideas he has to wait for the right opportunity to speak with his manager or the property manager, otherwise, his ideas would just remain ideas.

As Head Electrical Engineer he also does direct interaction with customers or tenants, usually to handle complaints. The most recent incident was when he was asked by a tenant to do repairs on a leaking faucet and a dirty wallpaper. He cannot do it immediately because he must go through the procedures, thus the tenant has to wait for some days. Waiting usually annoys tenants. In this situation, he uses his communication skills to explain the situation without necessarily exposing the company’s internal procedures. When the materials are ready, he performs at his best which eventually always pleases the tenant.


Mr. Dany is happy with his current position, responsibilities and the challenge that go along with it despite the fact that he is experiencing some difficulty addressing the complaints and problems in the engineering department due to the lack of equipments and manpower. He is expressive of his feelings, yet shows sincere concern for other’s feelings and prefers to avoid conflict. He is open and approachable, which allows him to make friends easily, but is selective on who to have social relations with.


• Seeks challenge for self- development
• Devoted and loyal to the company and job
• Conforms to rules and procedures strictly
• Uses an effective leadership style which is appreciated by his co-workers

• Has the tendency to speak even when it is unnecessary
• Dependent on other’s opinion and lacks self- esteem
• Reactive, rather than proactive and lacks a sense of responsibility


Mr. Dany has been working in Hotel Meridianty Jaya for 28 years, even before the hotel began its operations. He first joined in 1974, as a member of the engineering crew, helping in the electrical constructions. As time went on, he has grown in the job and is actually deemed as an expert in his field by his co- workers and employees in Meridianty Jaya. At present, he is the Head Electrical Engineer in AIS and together with the Head Mechanic, they work together in handling the problems and other matters in the Engineering department of AIS.

As a leader, Mr. Dany displays weak leadership and is highly dependent on his partner for decisions and solutions to a problem. He prefers to work at one task at a time and shows a high urgency to finish a task ones he has started it. He strictly conforms to rules and procedures and bases his disciplinary action on them. In decision- making, he firsts seeks the opinions of others, especially of his partner and takes into consideration his past work experience and theoretical knowledge before coming to a final conclusion. He reveals that with this method, he is able to minimize errors but at the same time impedes the speed of his decision- making. In addition, he tries to avoid conflict, and he rather be quiet and wait for the right moment to express his ideas and feelings.

Mr. Dany has been with Meridianty for a long period and will be retired in the next five years. He appears to be happy with his current position, despite the poor working conditions in the Engineering department and the low salary he is receiving. From his display of low levels of enthusiasm, low need to achieve or strive for more, it can be inferred that he is just working for the sake of working and is just waiting for his retirement day. It is for these reasons that Mr. Dany is advised to remain in his current position and not be considered for further promotion. Moreover, should the management consider giving him another responsibility, it is suggested that Mr. Dany be given a job that would give him the opportunity to conduct trainings for incoming engineering crew members and/ or supervisors, since he has vast work experience and sufficient technical knowledge in that field. Since he will be retiring, we recommend to prepare for his replacement by now.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.