Strong Leadership Qualities

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Mr. Brian is a single-track minded worker; he prefers to work on his tasks one by one until it is completely done. He dislikes being interrupted while he is in the middle of working on one task. However, he claims that there is always something urgent given from other department or management to be able to settled first. Therefore, he needs to adjust and change his priority in this situation.

Mr. Brian is able to use shortcuts in anticipating limited budget and sources in handling maintenance activities. He said that he acquired this through trial and error from his lengthy years of experience. While this approach has worked successfully, he feels uncomfortable because he believes that engineering tasks should follow work and maintenance standards that of a 5-star hotel.

As technical specialist, Mr. Brian still personally handles detailed work in the field together with his staff. Sometimes, he takes over his staff’s work to be able to meet deadlines. Being practical, he mostly uses his past experience and practices in handling problems. He likes to work within company policy and procedures, as well as direction and instruction given by the superior. His 28 years of experience in Sun Jaya hotel enables him to know his job by heart, thus he can work well with minimal supervision from his boss.

Mr. Brian does not project strong leadership qualities. He is permissive and will support his team by using personal approach. He claims that his subordinates are mostly of low education background and egoistic. They tend to be very sensitive and emotional when faced with problems at work and unfair treatment (referring to their low salary). In this situation, he acts as the pacifier and by explaining that the company’s financial condition cannot accommodate their demand for a salary increase. He gives them words of encouragement and tells them to perform their best for the hotel.

Mr. Brian appears as a calm and formal person. He appears older than his age; mature with salt and pepper hair. He looks frustrated at present situation, however, when probed on this, he claims that he tries to be realistic in facing the fact that there is limited career prospect for him and accepts this situation as it is.

A reserved person, he puts much importance to work result and does not mind if the boss does not give him recognition. He is a humble and modest person who always tries to interact with others nicely. He is calm and patient, someone who is able to control his feelings and emotions at the right time and situation. He dislikes confrontation and antagonistic situation, and prefers to stay quiet when facing conflict situations with others, especially with person in authority. He feels that it is useless to assert his ideas if the boss does not want to listen and support it.

Mr. Brian is the settled type of worker who adapts to work routine without getting bored easily. On the other hand, there is resistant to change especially if there is a major change going to be implemented in the organization.


• He is a persistent worker who will be very focused in handling his tasks.
• A resourceful person, he can create shortcuts to anticipate limited budget and sources.
• He is a good follower who adheres to company rules and work procedures.
• He shows high concern towards detailed work as well as its accuracy and completeness.

• He lacks managerial and leadership skills; he manages his people only by using his technical expertise. We find that he is still too much involved with technical details rather than delegating to subordinates.
• We find that he feels frustrated at present. This needs to be clarified otherwise his work performance may suffer.
• He hesitates to speak forward about his ideas and opinions. He thinks it is only wasting time because his ideas would not be heard anyway. He should be more assertive and think more positively so that he can be more productive.
• Due to his need for security, he may show slight resentment to change especially if it is forced on him.


Mr. Brian is an STM graduate. He has worked in Sun Jaya since the opening of this hotel in 1974. He was one of the construction company staff working for the Sun Jaya hotel project when he heard about the vacancies. He applied and was hired as engineering staff. His work history spans about 28 years in the engineering department; however, he was only promoted once when he became Head of Civil Engineering in 1997. He felt this as unfair and that the career development system is unclear and still based on like and dislike. Presently, he still holds that position and is under the direct supervision of the Assistant Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer. His team comprise of 2 supervisors and a total of 17 staff.

Mr. Brian is a doer type who works according to work procedures. Despite his low educational background, he is reasonably resourceful in his area of responsibility. He creates shortcuts to make things workable due to limited sources. He is basically a technical person than of a manager and still too much involved in handling technical engineering tasks. He applies his technical expertise and personal approach to supervise his team rather than adopting a basic supervisory or managerial style.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Brian Purwanto appropriate in his current position but has limited potential for further development. Aside from that, he currently feels frustrated and this may affect his motivation at work. We do not recommend him for further promotion. We suggest to give him one on one counseling to know further his interest and lay down his commitment. Instead of retaining him, the management can also prepare an early retirement program so that the overall work performance does not suffer any longer.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.