Bar Manager and Bartender

Mr. Barry has been working in Hotel SUN Jaya for 20 years. He began as a Buss Boy and was promoted through the years until he became Assistant Bar Manager. His main task is to monitor all bar outlets in the hotel as well as time cards of each of his team members. Daily, he goes around to most of the bar outlets and checks the activities that happened the day before.

At present, it appears that he is contented and does not work up to his capability. He holds back on intensity of work because the BAR MANAGER is already doing the job. He does not seem to care about his job anymore and is just doing what he has to do. This indicates that he has very little commitment and is not too concerned in personally finishing the task.

The nature of his job calls for details as well as accuracy, thus, he has do his work as such. When there is a wedding or a big event, this is when he is most busy. His work style is that of a doer or a simple worker who follows rules and instructions. He does not supervise any subordinates and because of this, he tends to do all the details by himself. There is a shortage of staff thus rather than delegate, he has no choice but to it himself. He claims that there has been no opportunity for him to lead, and is tired waiting for that opportunity to come. As a result, he displays no interest in being a leader. He revealed that aside from the normal bartending tasks, he also does odd tasks like lifting equipment. He lamented that his position title sounds nice but in reality he is not given responsibility. Despite this, he capped the runner-up title in mixing cocktail competition in DKI Jakarta in 1995. This indicates, therefore, that Mr. Barryis technically equipped as far as bartending tasks are concerned.
As far as decision making is concerned, he has very limited authority. He cannot make quick decision because the Bar Manager makes the decision. This makes him totally dependent on his manager especially during difficult situations. This, therefore, indicates his lack of initiative and being too submissive to authority.

Mr. Barrylikes everything crystal clear and in writing, if possible. He will not do work outside the rules and procedures such as a clear job description. He also admitted that he is not comfortable doing things if they are not according to the rules. While this indicates that he abides strictly to the letter, this also indicates that he is inflexible and rigid and will not entertain new ideas and may even show resistance to change. This gives the impression of a traditional type of worker.


Mr. Barrycame across as unhappy worker. He openly expressed his feelings about the current situation where he is not given an opportunity to advance or to take a leading role. He feels suppressed because it seems that the boss is taking too many roles. He feels the need to change but cannot assert his arguments. When probed, he said that he does not want to have any conflict in the workplace especially with his superiors, thus, there is no choice but to follow.

Behind this grievance, Mr. Barryis a fairly sociable person. He likes to mingle and make friends, and can easily establish communication. However, he may choose the kind of people he wants to associate with, and though he does not want to seek attention, he also does not want to be unnoticed. He demands some attention from his superiors and wants to be recognized as competent as a bartender.


• Technically competent in bartending tasks
• Pays attention to details and accuracy
• Works according to company rules

• Appears unhappy and demotivated. When not addressed accordingly, this will drastically affect his work performance.
• Lacks the initiative
• No inner drive to achieve, easily gives up
• Emotional internal conflict, wants a change but not assertive
• Becomes too dependent to company rules and to boss for major decisions


Mr. Barry started his work in Hotel SUN Jaya as Bus Boy. In 1982, in a span of 20 years, he spent most of the years in the food and beverage department specifically in bartending. This rich experience made him one of the experts in his field and even earned an award in a mixing cocktail competition in DKI Jakarta where he represented SUN Jaya Hotel. To date, he is the Assistant Bar Manager.

As assistant manager, Mr. Barry does not satisfy with his job. He always has questions about his job description because he does not get responsibility to make his own decision. He has no subordinates and he works alone. Because of the lack of chances, he gets bored. He is tired to work alone and he needs to be in leader position according to his age and experiences. Mr. Barry presses his ambition then he is contented. He is not consciously striving for success, he just does his job with no goal to achieve.

Mr. Imron’s strengths are his technical expertise and his dedication to his career. He is neat and organized in his work. He enjoys his bartending work and feels very familiar with the needs of the customers because of the varied situations he had had during the 20 years. However, while he is passionate about his job, internally, he feels restless and unhappy because of the limited exposure and authority. He is not clear about his job description and grieves about his non-subordinate role where he has to do all tasks by himself. He is now bored waiting for the time when he is given authority to lead and to make decisions, thus, he has transformed into a dependent worker who will just wait for instructions. For this reason, he feels there is no need to strive for success any further.

The indicators show that Mr. Barryis frustrated, demotivated and unhappy with a rebellious tendency. He feels neglected and not recognized for the contributions he had made to the hotel. We recommend inviting Mr. Barryfor a counseling session to clarify the issues and concerns, which haunt him at work. A review on his most recent performance is likely to present a more objective evaluation. At the same token, Mr. Barryshould be given an opportunity to prove his capabilities and if situation change (such as a significant increase in performance and productivity), Mr. Barrycan remain in a bartending function as a specialist. Otherwise, it is best to offer him an early retirement package so as not to contaminate the other workers.