Electrical Engineering Job

Mr. Belamy is the type of technical worker who enjoys handling technical problems in his daily routine. A persistent individual, he prefers to do his tasks one at a time to make sure it is fully accomplished based on the degree of priority. He regards work as something enjoyable and says that he is happy working in Sun because of its favorable working relationship amongst employees.

Mr. Belamy does not project strong leadership qualities. He tends to lead his people by using his social skills and expertise. Despite his limited authority in taking important decision, he is very familiar with the problem in the engineering department and can be expected to settle it at ease. Being practical and simple in thinking, he will re-use his past experience in solving problems.

He puts high importance on the accuracy and completeness of technical details. Moreover, he enjoys personally handling details and involves himself in handling problems faced by his subordinates in the field. He always follows the work procedures and likes to maintain a neat and orderly work habit. He makes sure that his subordinates work according to daily maintenance schedule. He will check through daily reports and sometimes conduct on the spot inspection.


Mr. Belamy comes across as a calm individual. He is a low profile type who likes working behind the scene. However, his social nature shows him to be a sincere and modest individual who enjoys social interaction. He is a selective group joiner, but he is quite sensitive to the needs of others. He claims himself as an easygoing and cooperative type of individual who likes to give his hand to help his people and co-workers in solving problems.

Mr. Belamy has a balanced emotional approach; he does not want to displease people and this may lead him to be too soft in leading his people. He likes and can adapt to daily routines without getting easily bored. On the other hand, he may be resistant to change and may need to be convinced on its advantages and benefits before he yields.


• A persistent worker who is very familiar with his tasks and work problems.
• As leader, he is supportive and cooperative in helping his team to accomplish work objectives.
• He is very meticulous and neat in organizing his work
• He is concerned about the accuracy and completeness of technical details.

• He lacks commanding presence as well as leadership and decision making skills.
• As leader, he is too much involved in handling technical details.
• He tends to be resistant to change and needs time to accept. He tends to maintain the traditional approach and work systems that he has been familiar with.
• While supportive and accommodative, he lacks assertiveness and tends to avoid conflict and antagonistic situation.


Mr. Belamy is an STM Mechanical graduate. He has been with the hotel since it started its operations in 1974. He was appointed as one of the electrical staff in the Engineering Department. In 1989 he was promoted to supervisor level and became Head of Electrical Engineering in early 1995. Since 1999 he was assigned to be the Assistant Chief Engineer and holds this position up to present. Reporting directly to the Chief Engineer, his major duty is to assist his boss in managing the work routine and supervising the engineering team, which comprise of 73 engineering staff.

Mr. Belamy appears to be comfortable and contented with his current job position. He is very familiar with his tasks and daily problems and is supportive and cooperative towards his team. He delegates tasks to his subordinates but still oversees the whole operation himself. At current position as chief assistant, he still puts himself in the operator’s shoes. He lacks commanding presence and is contented in the subordinates’ role. However, he can make daily decisions quickly by using his past experience.

Based on the above findings, we find that Mr. Belamy is currently happy and contented in his position and is just waiting for the retirement day to come. He is the doer type who is very accommodative in meeting the company’s objective. For this reason, we recommend him to stay in his current post.