Enhancing Your Leadership and Managerial Skills

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Mr. Terry is a hard worker. He was able to work his way up from a basic laundry crew to his current position as Junior Assistant Laundry Manager. His work involves much regard for details and he is able to meet this requirement. He is organized and strictly follows hotel rules and regulations, as this is a mandate for his job, which is mostly comprised of routine tasks.

Despite the monotonous nature of his work, he still strives to do his best and accomplish more tasks than what his boss expects. He displays high commitment to accomplish a task and prefers to attend to matters one at a time to entail higher accuracy and correctness. He practices delegation of tasks, mostly those that are administrative, to his subordinates, but prefers to handle the more important ones such as guest complaints and the like.

Mr. Terry takes his leadership role seriously. He believes he has a knack for persuading others and is able to have his way with things. At work, he limits his interaction to the heads of the laundry sections and relies heavily on them for feedback and reports on the laundry crew. The only time that he interacts with the crew and the laundry section heads is when there is already a problem that is too big or tough for them to handle. He does not demonstrate to his staff how things should be done and would rather verbally give orders and instruct them according to the standard rules. His daily activities in the laundry department include the controlling and monitoring of the work and performance of the crew but as earlier mentioned; he just depends on the section heads’ reports.

In making decisions, he strictly adheres to the hotel rules procedures and uses them as basis for majority of his decisions. He also takes into account his past experiences, especially those relating to discipline and conformity to rules. He prefers to abide by the standard operation procedures, even though he has the ability to be innovative and adapt to change. Currently, he feels the urgency to adapt to the new set- up and responsibilities that he now has so he would be able to handle his job more effectively and efficiently. He narrated that he was named Supervisor of the Year and was given the Best Employee award twice in the past and attributes these recognitions to his disciplined manner of doing his work and strict compliance to the hotel’s procedures.


Mr. Terry has high concern for rules and stands by his principles and beliefs. He prefers to work alone if nobody can cope with his systems than go through the trouble of teaching others how he wishes things to be done. He is very selective with the people that he has social relations with and is cautious when relating with them. He is not a talker and appears to be quite timid. He does not express his own views and would rather solicit opinions from others and conclude a resolution to a problem from the gathered views of his co- workers. He lacks confidence in himself and would normally remain neutral and take the safe side when faced with a conflict or confrontation. He uses the hotel rules and regulations when defending his actions and other decisions.


• Ambitious and strives to produce best work.
• Strictly conforms to the standard rules.
• Consistent with his principles.

• Lacks assertiveness and confidence in expressing his opinions.
• Needs improvement on leadership and managerial skill.
• Lacks sufficient emotional awareness of his feeling to others.
• May be too dependent to rules, lacks own initiative


Mr. Terry joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1976 as a member of the laundry crew. He was promoted as supervisor manager and further advanced in his career as the head washer before becoming the current Junior Assistant Laundry Manager. He is considered to be an expert in his field and uses his vast experiences in dealing with the problems that he currently faces.

Mr. Terry still feels that he lacks the adequate knowledge to deal with his current work and is incompetent handling his tasks. He lives by his principle and does the best that he could in all his undertakings. He displays a high commitment in finishing a task that he has started and would prefer to attend to his workload one at a time. According to him, managing people is one of the things he would like to learn because he likes to control people, as long as there is a clear procedure about it.

He uses his past experience to deal with some of the problems he currently encounters. He is uncompromising when it comes to rules and regulations and expects his staff to abide by the SOP the way he does. His strict compliance with the rules has helped him hasten his decision- making skills. His first priority is his work, which is why he does not give much importance to having social relations with other workers in the hotel. He only interacts with others when he thinks its necessary and if subject is work. He keeps his ideas and emotions to himself most of the time so as to avoid conflict and confrontations.

Mr. Terry appears to be appropriate for his current position for he is equipped with work experience that is commendable. However, he lacks the ability to be innovative and just does his work as told. Moreover, he tends to be overly dependent on his boss’ to make decisions on problems. His lack of display of innovation, social interaction and leadership skills have become the basis for his recommendation not to be considered for further promotion and be retained in the present position.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.