Job Description of a Hotel Duty Manager

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Mr. Ibra demonstrates tendency to be a strong leader and high need to control other to achieve job targets. He also tends to be attentive to details and to follow the rules and procedures in the process of completing daily tasks. All of these elements bring him as a dominant leader who prefers to provide firm and clear work instructions that must be obeyed by his staff. In the process of realizing those instructions, he tends to be assertive and at time disregard sensitivity of others.

For Mr. Ibra, the completion of task is considered more important than the issue of social relations – thereby projecting him as a more task-oriented leader. Even though he likes to focus on task, Mr. Ibra remains protective and responsible to his staff’s works. For instance, when his boss got angry due to disappointing results from his staff, he fully took the responsibilities of the mistakes he felt accountable because he believes that as a leader he should be the first to be blamed if his team performance is marginal.

Mr. Ibra applies conceptual and practical approach and tries to combine both in resolving problems. He also tends to be responsive to the problems and be quick in making decisions. In taking actions to address the problems, he would generally design an organized plan and be focused on one particular issue before moving to another issue. While this approach might be useful in handling and resolving issues, it may also pose him in a difficult situation when he is faced with lots of issues and tasks that need to be addressed simultaneously.

Mr. Ibra is generally not really adaptive to the dynamics of changes and feels comfortable with routine and stable activities. Yet, he is still be able to show sense of creativity and initiative. For example, he initiated to conduct open and fun forum where he can share and exchange ideas with all of his staff. He also proposed ideas to sell open space in order to gain more revenue for the hotel.


Mr. Ibra is an assertive, ‘to the point’ type of person, meaning that he likes to focus on task immediately and do something to get things done. He is an introvert and less comfortable in expanding social relations. Furthermore, he is task-oriented person and not really clever to use diplomacy in dealing with others and addressing problems. At time, this approach may cause confrontation with others and he can also be seen as argumentative at times.


• Result oriented
• Quick in making decision
• Has strong leadership abilities
• Has good conceptual abilities

• Has tendency to be a dominant person
• Lack of diplomacy in dealing with others
• Prone to confrontation


Mr. Ibra moves from his initial position as a room boy to his current position as a Duty Manager in the range of 25 years. He has been appointed as Department Head of the Year in 1997 and often assigned as a team leader in the development projects of Sun hotel chains.

Although he appears confident as a leader, Mr. Ibra is not an ambitious person. Being task oriented leader, he would fully direct and control his staff to finish tasks and achieve targets. He is quick in making decision, organized, and also forceful. As a person who has high need for assuming leadership role, he actually prefers to be a leader with direct subordinates and command of control like what he did when he was an executive housekeeper.

In his current position as a Duty Manager, he is apparently not able to fully utilize his high need to control as he has no direct subordinates; thereby making him a bit powerless. Furthermore, his current position also makes him to deal directly with diverse customers more frequently – a situation that may pose dilemmatic issue for Mr. Ibra given his nature as an introvert person and his weak diplomacy in dealing with others (customers). While he can still stay in his current position, it is recommended to equip him with training on the areas of customer relation skills and interpersonal skills. It is also suggested, if possible, to rotate him into other position – in the similar level — where he has direct subordinate and command of control. By so doing, he will be able to fully optimize his strong leadership abilities, and in turn, be able to improve the effectiveness of performance both for him and for Sun hotel.

Overall, Mr. Ibra has proven to the management that he is a capable and responsible employee. However, it seems that he has utilized his capabilities to the optimum and does not qualify for further promotion. For this reason, we do not recommend Mr. Ibra for further career development.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.