Reservations Manager in A Hotel

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Ms. Salma displays a high need for personal achievement thus projecting the role of a hard intense worker. Knowing her limitations, she appears to be ambitious and is trying hard in her work for personal advancement to attain success. She is fairly organized in doing her duties, practical and fast in her decision making and relying on past experiences as her guide. She limits herself to minor decisions and for the major ones, she refers to her superior. She is very meticulous when it comes to details which can also sometimes consume a lot of her time rather than managing her work unit.

As Reservations Manager, she spends a lot of time doing the daily routines such as checking room availability and re-checking room reservations booked the previous week. She manages five clerks, a supervisor and a group coordinator. As their leader, she tends to be strict and confident to take the lead. However, she may be seen as not taking accountability for the work and actions of her subordinates. Her 23 years in the reservation department has enabled her to know the work by heart, although, she reveals that she must always be alert for any changes. Ms. Salma has the profile of a follower more than that of a leader.

When dealing with customers, Ms. Salma follows the normal procedures. When asked about achievements, she came up with none and seems to regard herself as an ordinary worker. She communicated in a pleasant manner but seems to have difficulty giving us examples of past experience. She prefers in-house duties rather than tasks which require too much mobility. She is also seen as a person who prefers to work alone and will only interact with others when it is work-related.

Ms. Salma is adaptable and flexible. She has adapted to the routines of her job with ease although internally, there appears a need for change and a desire to be in a new situation. She seems to know what is expected of her, therefore, she feels that she does not need close supervision. She likes to follow guidelines after which she can do the rest by herself as long as she is not rushed to meet deadlines.


Ms. Salma may behave differently as a worker and as a person. At work, she looks socially detached but outside work, she said she likes to meet people and make new friends. As mentioned earlier, her leadership style is towards the strict and no nonsense type. This makes her appear blunt and forceful when dealing with the people in her team. She is likely to be too open about what she wants and what she feels about things. She can be pushy and can forget diplomacy. Meanwhile, she can also be open to new experience or new ideas as long as she believes in the person proposing it, and if the change is beneficial to all. She seems to have reached her ceiling of competency and is doing the best she can. To newcomers and to guests, she speaks with pride about the hotel and promotes the rooms with full pleasure.


• A detailed worker, meticulous and thorough following normal procedures.
• Able to work alone without close supervision
• Confident to take the lead
• Open to new knowledge

• Emotionally too open and forceful in her approach
• Takes the lead but does not take charge
• May spend too much time on details rather than delegating tasks to subordinates.
• Displays hard worker image but may be poor on achievement/results
• Lacks basic managerial skills and needs to improve leadership style


Ms. Salma has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for 23 years currently acting as the Reservations Manager. She started her career in 1977 as an Airport Representative. She reports to the Front Office Manager and is responsible for the hotel’s rooms’ reservations.

Ms. Salma is a simple consistent worker, the doer type, with an increasing need for personal achievement. She does not feel the need to ask for assistance from others to be able to see her work done. She is motivated by the work itself and not by praises from above. She is good at handling details but may not be interested in concepts, theories or long range plans. She likes quick actions, and those that are practically thought of. She feels that she has given her best and hard work to the hotel but there are a lot of shortages in the hotel which affect the overall productivity and performance of the employees. When probed about contributions or suggestions, Ms. Salma said nothing really extraordinary because she just follows the hotel guidelines which is a must.

Ms. Salma has acquired sufficient hands-on experience which is supporting her role. Despite her limitations, she tries to perform her tasks to the best of her ability. However, there are a lot of improvements needed for Ms. Salma to be more efficient and effective as a manager. First of all, basic managerial skills should be learned and the willingness to learn. As Reservations Manager is one of the critical positions in the Front Office Department, a more dynamic profile may be more appropriate to meet the everyday demands of the job.

Based on the above findings, we find Ms. Salma does not have the appropriate to lead, and may have reached her limit and capabilities. Due to age factor, it may not be worth the investment to send her to managerial training, if she should be assigned as Reservations Manager. She needs guidance in managing her team and in organizing her tasks. Right now, she is still doing more technical tasks than managing. We have reservations in recommending her for further career enhancement, a transfer can be considered.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.