Sales Manager and Leadership

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As a Senior Sales Manager in Banquet, Mr. Jonsen has 16 direct subordinates comprising of five sales managers, two sales executives and nine sales administrators. He and his team’s main duties are to market banquet facilities as well as sell food and beverages products. Given soft external market, he admitted that he and his team find hard times to meet the revenue target that has been established by management.

Mr. Jonsen seems to be confident with his leadership skills. In leading his staff, he tends to give autonomy and empowers them so that they can have liberty to choose the best action. He does not apply strict control to monitor his staff performance and prefers informal approach in dealing with his staff. He is quick in making decisions although at times he may overlook detail and ignore accuracy just for the sake of fast decision making process. He also regularly consults to procedures and his boss to make critical decisions about his jobs.

While his leadership style can create sense of autonomy among his staff on the other hand, it has also created disorganization and mis-coordination in his workplace. As an example, there was an instance when he apparently failed to control and coordinate his staff about the mechanism of booking functional rooms. Consequently, double-booking incidents happen in high frequency and this definitely has caused dissatisfaction to his clients. To avoid such situations, it is therefore advised that Mr. Jonsen should delegate tasks along with the responsibility that go with it and do the final monitoring, in other words, strengthen on his controls.

Mr. Jonsen is relatively fast in doing his tasks. However, he has tendency to overlook detail information – therefore, he may act with insufficient data. Furthermore, he also seems to lack concern for order and tends to do his tasks without careful and systematic planning. In the area of creativity, he apparently does not have outstanding capabilities. During the interview, he failed to mention significant achievement to show his creative ideas. He tends to limit himself with the existing company rules.


Mr Jonsen’s serious and unsmiling physical appearance makes us think he is a stern and difficult person to approach especially in an initial meeting. However, as the interview progressed, it shows that Mr. Jonsen likes to establish social relations but chooses the type of people he wants to associate with. Thus, when working with others in a group, he tends to form sincere relationship with those whom he can trust.

Flexible and adaptable to various tasks, he has high tolerance for uncertain situations and lack of order. This attribute supports him well in his department where he repeatedly encounters uncertain situations and a variety of work problems. He displays emotional stability and can keep his emotions under control.


• Flexible and adaptable to various tasks and situations
• Able to remain effective under pressure and in uncertain situations
• Has high confidence to lead others

• Tends to overlook detail and accuracy of data
• Disorganized and tends to do things without proper planning
• Lacks concern for order and neatness


Mr. Jonsen joined Sun Hotel in 1994 as a Sales Executive Banquet. He then spent his career in Banquet department and in 2002 he was assigned as a Senior Sales Manager Banquet.

Mr. Jonsen appears as a serious person who is not too generous in giving a smile. He has high confidence to lead and influence others. As a leader he does not use strong control to monitor the work and actions of his subordinates – instead he prefers to give them autonomy.

He is quick in decision making although at times sacrifices detail and accuracy for the sake of fast decision making. He is also assertive and open to express his view. His attention to detail is below average and combined with his tendency to neglect systematic planning, this attribute may bring him to uncontrolled action.
For the past eight years, Mr. Jonsen has worked for Sun Jaya contributing his talent and capabilities reasonably well to the food and beverage department. However, to further improve his performance, he may need to pay careful attention to detail and planning his activities. He may also need to revitalize his work spirit and motivation to boost his energy level in accomplishing tasks.

Based on the overall findings, Mr. Jonsen possesses the proficiency of skills and the work exposure needed on the job. For these reasons, he is seemingly appropriate where he is right now but needs to modify some behaviors such as leadership style, his self-expresssion and delegation of authority. He should also be given a feedback on how he is faring in his performance and productivity.