Banquet Sales Manager in A Hotel Company

Ms. Nuni prefers to work in a neat and organized manner. She sets high standards for herself and has the tendency to apply these standards to her work and her immediate work environment. Despite her lack of theoretical knowledge in the field of Sales, her stay with the hotel has provided her with sufficient experience that enabled her to meet the technical standards set by the management.

Ms. Nuni is able to convey her ideas to her co-workers and asserts them in case she encounters resistance. This assertiveness is suppressed however, when she is faced in a negotiation with a client. She knows how to play her cards and always finds a way to make the situation work in favor of her and to the business of the hotel. Moreover, she appears to be very relaxed and comfortable with her work. Continue reading

Sales Manager in Tourism Industry

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Ms. Jovita displays reasonable commitment to tasks and can be expected to handle several tasks at a time. Presently, as sales executive she feels the need to allocate her time and energy wisely to meet her daily work schedule which comprises of conducting sales calls, visiting and entertaining prospective customers. She likes working hard and spending extra time to complete her tasks. However, there is an indication that she reflects uncertainty about her career goal. When asked about this, she claims that there is no reward system implemented in the sales and marketing department and this leads her to be demotivated. Continue reading

Sales Manager and Leadership

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As a Senior Sales Manager in Banquet, Mr. Jonsen has 16 direct subordinates comprising of five sales managers, two sales executives and nine sales administrators. He and his team’s main duties are to market banquet facilities as well as sell food and beverages products. Given soft external market, he admitted that he and his team find hard times to meet the revenue target that has been established by management.

Mr. Jonsen seems to be confident with his leadership skills. In leading his staff, he tends to give autonomy and empowers them so that they can have liberty to choose the best action. He does not apply strict control to monitor his staff performance and prefers informal approach in dealing with his staff. He is quick in making decisions although at times he may overlook detail and ignore accuracy just for the sake of fast decision making process. He also regularly consults to procedures and his boss to make critical decisions about his jobs. Continue reading