Banquet Sales Manager in A Hotel Company

Ms. Nuni prefers to work in a neat and organized manner. She sets high standards for herself and has the tendency to apply these standards to her work and her immediate work environment. Despite her lack of theoretical knowledge in the field of Sales, her stay with the hotel has provided her with sufficient experience that enabled her to meet the technical standards set by the management.

Ms. Nuni is able to convey her ideas to her co-workers and asserts them in case she encounters resistance. This assertiveness is suppressed however, when she is faced in a negotiation with a client. She knows how to play her cards and always finds a way to make the situation work in favor of her and to the business of the hotel. Moreover, she appears to be very relaxed and comfortable with her work.

Ms. Nuni is very sociable, especially to the hotel’s clients. She makes use of her socializing skills in acquiring and maintaining clients for the hotel and it is suffice to say that she has got this part of her job down pat. Her pleasant disposition is not just limited to the hotel’s clients but to her co-workers as well. There are times however, when she has the tendency to be rude to her co-workers and to disregard their feelings. Most of the time, she chooses the people at work with whom she is genuinely pleasant with.

Ms. Nuni is able to make routine decisions fast. In general, she prefers to see the broader picture of things rather than going through every detail of a business. She complies by the hotels procedures and has respect for authority. When faced with a situation that is not within her scope of authority, she consults her supervisor for a decision.


Ms. Nuni is extremely sociable. Her personality is fit for a job that has to deal with people most of the time. She is able to establish good rapport fast and appears to be comfortable with people from all levels. She displays the same level of comfortability when dealing with her co-workers. She has a unique personality that is characterized to be “cool” and non-concerned as long as she is doing her job well. She is also a cheerful and easy-going person and has a great sense of humor.

She brings her high standards tat she has set for herself to the work place and has the tendency to expect other co-workers to comply to it. Also, with these high standards, she has the tendency to be biased when dealing with co-workers and other people and may be unpleasant towards them should they fail to comply to such standards.


• Sociable
• Has high standards for herself and expects others to meet her standards
• Technically competent due to the experience she has had with the hotel

• Needs to be more open to others’ individuality
• Has to be less judging of others
• Needs a refresher course in sales to be up to date with the latest trends


Ms. Nuni has been with Sun Jaya for 22 years. She started as a reception clerk and held several other positions before finally becoming the Banquet Sales Manager. Her previous positions include reception clerk, head information, guest relations officer, and banquet sales executive.

Ms. Nuni is a very sociable person, which makes her effective in sales. She has been able to provide the F&B department with numerous clients most of which were established on personal rather than business relationship. She sets high standards for herself, but also expects other co-workers to comply to it. She has the tendency to be biased and judging with her co-workers, especially when they fail to meet her standards.

Competent- wise, Ms. Nuni has proved herself to be capable of meeting the technical requirements set by the hotel. Her technical competence is evident in the number of clients she has brought in the hotel, most of which are established on personal relationships. Though Ms. Nuni is a major profit contributor in the F&B department, her ability to absorb new knowledge and skills for self- improvement has already been completely actualized. Furthermore, Ms.Nuni has expressed that she has reached the peak of her career and is happily doing her sales duties, putting first priority on the task and salary last. It is for these reasons that Ms. Nuni is recommended to remain in her current position and need not be considered for further promotion.