Sales Manager in Tourism Industry

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Ms. Jovita displays reasonable commitment to tasks and can be expected to handle several tasks at a time. Presently, as sales executive she feels the need to allocate her time and energy wisely to meet her daily work schedule which comprises of conducting sales calls, visiting and entertaining prospective customers. She likes working hard and spending extra time to complete her tasks. However, there is an indication that she reflects uncertainty about her career goal. When asked about this, she claims that there is no reward system implemented in the sales and marketing department and this leads her to be demotivated.

Ms. Jovita is more of a doer rather than a planner; she can give quick action by using past experience and gut feeling. She can shift important from unimportant matters and is able to see her work in the global picture. She is systematic and neat when managing her tasks and activities. At present, she is responsible for managing the corporate client account. Her sales coverage is some companies located in the Sudirman and Kuningan area.

She starts her day-to-day activities by checking her time planner, taking business inquiries, following up previous sales calls, and handling sales administration. She keep a list of client companies’ and updates necessarily so that she can easily tap new prospects. This system, she reported, allows her to be updated when monitoring her own sales calls and activities. To keep track of her own sales records and achievements, on her own initiative, she prepares a weekly sales report even though, she claimed that it is not evaluated by her superior.

At present, Ms. Jovita’s leadership skill seems to be not fully developed yet. As one of the sales executives, she works on her account autonomously to achieve given sales target. She shows concern that people in the sales and marketing department are not working together as a solid team. They like to compete one to another and this sometimes leads to unhealthy work atmosphere. She also feels that her boss is too domineering and cannot build a conducive working environment in the department.

Ms. Jovita can be expected to decide on simple and routine matters as long as it is within her area of responsibility and authority, such as entertainment allowance, negotiating the room rate, within the range given by the management. Her common problem is dealing with customers’ complaints. In this situation, she chooses to apply personal approach; sincere apology or give complimentary cakes.

Ms. Jovita prefers to work at her own pace. She would be effective if being left to do her tasks based on the given timetable. Moreover, she can work well with minimal supervision as long as she is given clear guidelines.


Ms. Jovita is friendly and communicative, projecting an outgoing personality. She is a sociable person who enjoys meeting new friend and people. She is effective in the group situation and can deal with others on one to one basis. She has own style in presenting herself and enjoys the spotlight. She likes to be given compliment and recognition for what she has done otherwise, she may lose interest and can be demotivated. When asked about this, she admits that she gets frustrated now due to lack of appreciation from the management for what she has done. They are ranked by the management according to the sales achievement, but there is no reward or commission calculated for this afterwards.

Ms. Jovita prefers to hide her true feelings. While she tries to be calm, she expresses that she is affected with the situation in the sales and marketing department. There is an indication of internal restlessness as she tends to get bored easily if the job becomes routine and monotonous. She admits that sometimes she can be moody and this affects her work performance. She feels that she has been trying her best to achieve the sales target, it becomes anti climax, because there is no appreciation for what she has accomplished. Ms. Jovita feels uncomfortable in the antagonistic situation. She prefers to stay calm and quiet to avoid being in the conflict situation with others.

As to her career ambition, Ms. Jovita says that there is limited career prospect in Sun Jaya hotel. There is also unclear basis for determining people for promotion. She claims that those situations affect her motivation at work, as she feels no need to achieve because there is no incentives program and no sense of appreciation from management. She thinks that she has already worked at her best, and this situation is an anti climax for her.


• She is systematic in managing her tasks and activities.
• She is outgoing and enjoys social interaction.
• She is practical and can give action by applying her past experience.

• She feels frustrated at present, affecting her motivation to work.


Ms. Jovita obtained Diploma III degree majoring in Tourism from Sun University. She started her career in Sun as Telemarketer in late 1999. After three months, she became one of the sales executives and is mainly responsible for managing the corporate account – some of the companies located in the Sudirman and Kuningan area. She is under the direct supervision of the Senior Sales Manager.

Ms. Jovita’s major asset is her social skills making her suitable in a sales position. She is friendly and outgoing and enjoys meeting new friends. She is a practical person who is systematic in managing her tasks and activities. She is basically organized and follows a systematic work style to monitor her own activities.

Ms. Jovita is presently demotivated due to current situation in the sales and marketing department. She feels that she has been doing her best, but in the end, there is no reward system or proper appreciation for her sales efforts and achievements.

Based on the above findings, we find Ms. Jovita is at her lowest ebb, heavily affected by the climate in sales and marketing department. She nurtures a grudge about the non-recognition of her performance and the absence of sales incentive systems. Thus, despite her appropriate sales skill and potential, her performance and need to achieve is on a downward trend. She even thinks that there is no career path in Sun Jaya hotel which is why she appears like working for the sake of working. In sum, we have reservations in recommending Ms. Jovita for further promotion unless her behavior is improved. We recommend that this matter be addressed and clarified immediately by her superior and by other parties concerned.