Career in Airline Industry

The airline industry is very exciting with several new technologies and methods employed each year. Individuals are constantly on the lookout for various positions in some of the biggest companies available. Some airline professionals are paid thousands of dollars each year, plus other incentives and bonuses depending on the company.

People who wish to apply should have some basic knowledge about the industry and profession and stay updated with the recent trends and developments. Here are some guidelines to start a lucrative career in airline industry. Continue reading

Salary Standard for Banking Industry

A lot of people are wondering about the salary standard range for banking industry. Just like several other positions in other industries, people in banks are given relative salaries based on their current position, the years they have been with the group and their background. A few factors can also determine how much the person can expect to have based on experience. Knowing the standard will help applicants find the right place to work for. Continue reading

Salary Standard for Consumer Goods Industry

Many people who wish to enter the consumer goods industry will have to learn about the different processes of demand and supply. The chain has to be continuous and well-maintained by different parties and individuals. People who wish to join the network should have an idea about the standard salary for consumer goods industry. The salary range can be compared with what others receive in the same industry or in other companies. It’s best to do some research first to get the most out of the group you join. Here are some tips. Continue reading

How Stable Banking Industry Is?

Because of the presence of financial crisis not just one part of the world but almost in all countries in the different continents, there are sudden changes in all the commerce and institutions offering banking industry services to lots of people.

Basically, there is a noticeable exposure of some institutions into bad debts which has resulted to a fragile banking industry which is even worse than before. This is very alarming since those people who are planning to enter the banking industry might have difficulty in finding its way in this field. Continue reading

Sales Manager in Tourism Industry

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on business strategy, HR management and personal development HERE.

Ms. Jovita displays reasonable commitment to tasks and can be expected to handle several tasks at a time. Presently, as sales executive she feels the need to allocate her time and energy wisely to meet her daily work schedule which comprises of conducting sales calls, visiting and entertaining prospective customers. She likes working hard and spending extra time to complete her tasks. However, there is an indication that she reflects uncertainty about her career goal. When asked about this, she claims that there is no reward system implemented in the sales and marketing department and this leads her to be demotivated. Continue reading