Career in Airline Industry

The airline industry is very exciting with several new technologies and methods employed each year. Individuals are constantly on the lookout for various positions in some of the biggest companies available. Some airline professionals are paid thousands of dollars each year, plus other incentives and bonuses depending on the company.

People who wish to apply should have some basic knowledge about the industry and profession and stay updated with the recent trends and developments. Here are some guidelines to start a lucrative career in airline industry.

Know About the Business

Getting a career in airline industry will require the applicant to know about the current technologies and trends in the market. It’s best to know some of the top companies in the countries, as well as those known internationally. Know the official flag bearer of the country and distinguish the different traits and key features of each. When going for an interview, the panel will most likely ask the applicant some information about their airline. This will test the person on how interested he is in getting the job and if he is suited for the particular position. Read articles, newspapers and blogs about different airlines and people in the business. It’s also best to distinguish the different roles and activities going on.

About the Position
There are several available jobs in the airline industry depending on what the person particularly is interested in. Applicants can submit their resume for the position of airline pilot, flight attendant, ground personnel, reservation or ticketing agent, booking and sales agent, aircraft mechanic, flight engineer, aircraft engineer, cargo handler, security personnel, customer relations officer, customs officer, flight marshal, caterer, etc. People can also apply for administrative positions in the airline company such as accountant, secretary, executive, manager, supervisor, comptroller, etc. Know more about each type of job then look for the relative requirements for each.

The Requirements
Individuals interested in a career in airline industry will need to finish a four-year course that’s highly related to the position their applying for. Some of the best courses to have a degree in include aeronautics, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. Pilots will be required to finish in a certified aviation school and must have the minimum number of flying hours before being qualified to fly. They should also get certification to fly different types of aircraft. Specific training is provided to each kind of aircraft. Other courses that will also fit include mass communication, management, accounting, finance and legal management, depending on the particular position the person is applying for.

Finding a Job
A career in airline industry will be easy to find if the person does regular researches in official airline websites, online discussion boards and newspapers. The person should stay updated with the recent news and look for job opening advertisements in many areas. It will also be helpful to know someone who works in the same company. Be on the lookout for new task and jobs then prepare the necessary application documents.