Performance vs. Competency

Mr. Jamesto projects the image of a hard worker who has relatively high need to achieve. He also tends to focus on finishing a particular task before moving into another task. He does not have any intention to assume leadership role nor any strong need to control others. Indeed, at present he does not have direct subordinate; therefore he is not required to display this skill.

As a sales executive in travel agency segment, Mr. Jamesto mainly deals with key people from travel companies, and not directly with end customers. A part of his duties is to reactivate old sleeping account, aside from identifying new ones. So far he claims to have generated new accounts such as Indosaudi and Parinama Tour. However, he has never been able to achieve revenue target accredited to his name. In a bit defensive manner, he explained that revenue target in SUN Hotel is just for formalities thus he did not view it as a motivator to exert more efforts and improve his performance.

Mr. Jamesto is apparently not a vigorous type of person. He appears to have less than average endurance for demanding tasks and seems more suitable in a slow paced environment. However at work, he is forced to move fast than it seems despite his low energy level. When handling problems, he looks at the broad picture rather than going into details. Considering his position as Sales Executive, it is more appropriate if he pays attention to details to avoid missing out important data.

When it comes to decision making, he does not feel confident as he tends to seek guidance from authorized persons and prefers to be supported. This may also indicate that he wants to play it safe and sure.

In the area of creativity to get new clients, Mr. Jamesto is apparently not able to demonstrate outstanding capabilities. He was not able to provide meaningful examples regarding this issue. Instead, he narrated, in an almost giving up manner, that it was almost impossible to undertake creative endeavors in SUN Hotel. As a matter of fact, his role is simply maintaining the existing clients.


Mr. Jamesto appears as a calm person and does not look communicative. However, he likes to interact with others and gets involve in a variety of meetings with his clients. Beneath the calm appearance, though, he is a forceful person (in a negative way) – meaning that he is extremely assertive and very open to express his feelings and opinions. It is not easy for him to accept others’ view unless he is convinced of its worth. He likes to stand firm with his own perspective and beliefs. He also tends to be overly sensitive with things that dissatisfy him. The combination of these attributes may at times bring him to be confrontational with others. On the other hand, those factors may also project him as an intolerant person who always wants to force his own interests.


• Not observable

• Has tendency to be confrontational with others
• Has limited endurance for demanding tasks
• Has tendency to constantly force his own view and disregarded others’
• Displays rebellious tendency


Mr. Jamesto started his career in SUN Hotel as a houseman. After five years he moved to become a Telephone Operator and then five more years later he became Group Coordinator in Front Office Department. He joined Sales and Marketing Department and in May 2000, first as a Sales Executive. Dissatisfied with the salary level that he thought was not commensurate with his new role, he demanded to be transferred into a lower level position, as Sales Administrator. After his salary was adjusted, he was moved back as Sales Executive again in August 2001.

Mr. Jamesto appears as a hard worker who likes to interact with others. He also tends to to see the big pictures in the process of finishing problems. However, his profile indicates that he has limited endurance in doing demanding tasks and may be more suitable in a slow paced environment. His profile also indicates that he is not really comfortable in dealing with a variety of jobs and doing multi tasks simultaneously. In the context of his present role, those attributes may not be very compatible and can hinder him to achieve the optimum performance.

Furthermore, Mr. Jamesto also tends to be too forceful in asserting his own convictions, at times, at the expense of others. While this attribute may help him in the negotiation process, it can also project him as a rigid and intolerant person in the eyes of his fellow workers or customers. Furthermore, his rebellious tendency creates an unhealthy working environment

Based on the overall findings, first and foremost, Mr. Jamesto needs to develop both his technical and non-technical competencies, technical as in sales and customer relations, and non-technical which we refer to his personal attributes. He needs to modify his temperament and focus on his productivity rather than personal aggression. At this moment, it is evident that his work profile does not match that of a sales executive. For this reason, we recommend to review Mr. Jamesto’s recent performance and probably transfer him to another department where his qualifications and skills would suit appropriately. His negative attitude towards the sales and marketing department should also be addressed immediately in order not to infect the others.