How to Conduct an Effective Competency-based Interview Method ?

In a competency-based interview, the most important aspect is looking at the past experience of the candidate. For your information, past experience will give an accurate prediction on how a certain candidate will perform in the job he or she is applying for.

As a recruiter, you must carefully look at how applicants have dealt with issues in their previous work, what they have learned from the approach they used and how they carried out what they learned in future circumstances. To put it simply, you must be eager to hear the stories of the applicants’ past experiences.

However, you must ask them the right interview questions that will reveal their level of competency. Continue reading

Performance vs. Competency

Mr. Jamesto projects the image of a hard worker who has relatively high need to achieve. He also tends to focus on finishing a particular task before moving into another task. He does not have any intention to assume leadership role nor any strong need to control others. Indeed, at present he does not have direct subordinate; therefore he is not required to display this skill.

As a sales executive in travel agency segment, Mr. Jamesto mainly deals with key people from travel companies, and not directly with end customers. A part of his duties is to reactivate old sleeping account, aside from identifying new ones. So far he claims to have generated new accounts such as Indosaudi and Parinama Tour. However, he has never been able to achieve revenue target accredited to his name. In a bit defensive manner, he explained that revenue target in SUN Hotel is just for formalities thus he did not view it as a motivator to exert more efforts and improve his performance. Continue reading

Time Management Competency

Ms. Farah, nicknamed Farah, is already familiar with the tasks and activities in her position as the Shift Leader. For her, the job is not something requiring intense effort. She regards work as a hobby and claims that she never feels stressed in handling her tasks and daily work problems. However, she is very focused in getting the job done and will try her best to serve the guest and achieve work objective. As Shift Leader, she is aware that customer satisfaction is her first priority. Continue reading