Powerpoint Presentation Slides on Leadership Skills for Managers

This well-designed powerpoint presentation explores essential and time-tested qualities necessary for true leadership. Comprehensively describes about the role of leaders as vision creator, team builder, people developer, and motivation stimulator, this presentation will help readers become more effective leaders from the inside out. Continue reading

Sales Executive and Leadership Skills

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Henry is a hard worker. He narrates that he had to start from the bottom of the organization ( a telemarketer) and had to strive to reach his current position. He has the ability to finish a task and exerts a lot of effort to meet targets and other quota sales for the hotel. Despite the pressures and stress that is associated with his job, he enjoys doing his work and does not hesitate to go beyond his duties and responsibilities as the Sales Executive. He displays flexibility at work and is highly pragmatic. Moreover, he prefers to see the “bigger picture” of a situation.

Mr. Henry displays confidence when answering questions and expressing ideas. He appears to be knowledgeable of his job and the responsibilities that go along with it. However, there is a still a need for him to improve on the theoretical aspect of the field that he has ventured in. He desires feedback from his superiors to determine areas for self-improvement and acquire new ideas/ suggestions to better the business of the hotel. He also likes to be acknowledged for his efforts and achievements. His creative abilities are yet to be realized. Continue reading