Marketing Strategy of Apple

Many opine marketing is for promoting products that would otherwise not sell! However, Apple changed this belief and showed the world, how marketing is to be done. Like everyone else, there were a few mistakes, but positives were even more and outweighed their mistakes. Let us take a look at the Marketing Strategy of Apple and how it was different.

Until Apple products were launched, everyone probably thought advertisements are a mere waste of time and energy and only worthless products are advertised. But, Apple created a product, one of its kinds, unparalleled be it with design, looks or technology and yet, marketed then vigorously. Their ads caught everybody’s attention and even with a product that will sell itself, their marketing was innovative, much like their products. Continue reading

Career In Google Or Apple Or Microsoft: Get A Job At One Of The Leading Companies Of The World!

Right now Google, Apple and Microsoft are the leading companies in the world. It is the dream of everybody to have a Career in Google or Apple or Microsoft. You can be sure to have a great Career in Google or Apple or Microsoft. These international companies are doing their best to get the cream of the world.Career in Google or Apple or Microsoft is reserved for those people who have great skills and amazing intelligence. Here are some of the jobs available in these companies. Continue reading

How to Get a Job in Apple

Individuals wish to know how to get a job in Apple for several things. They like to know more about the genius who created the company, specifically Steve Jobs. They are also very interested in the products that are used worldwide like the iPod and the iPhone. Getting a job in the company will entail having the right skills, education and experience. Individuals should also specify which area they’re good at and which department they’d like to work in for the long term. It’s best to be ready for an interview as well when submitting the CV. Continue reading

Human Capital Strategy of Apple Company

The human capital of Apple Company is now getting bigger and better every day. The organizations are bound to change over time because of the array of forces, both external and internal, ranging from the changes in the executive leadership, ownership, business strategy or the customers’ proposition to economic conditions and the regulatory environments.

When you say human capital strategy, this is where the company comes up with the right strategy on how they can get more capital on their own means. Each of the company should have a human capital strategy so that you will know more about the right strategy to do for your business.

If such changes, happen there will be new requirements that must be reflected on the organization’s human capital strategy. Continue reading