Marketing Strategy of Apple

Many opine marketing is for promoting products that would otherwise not sell! However, Apple changed this belief and showed the world, how marketing is to be done. Like everyone else, there were a few mistakes, but positives were even more and outweighed their mistakes. Let us take a look at the Marketing Strategy of Apple and how it was different.

Until Apple products were launched, everyone probably thought advertisements are a mere waste of time and energy and only worthless products are advertised. But, Apple created a product, one of its kinds, unparalleled be it with design, looks or technology and yet, marketed then vigorously. Their ads caught everybody’s attention and even with a product that will sell itself, their marketing was innovative, much like their products.

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One of the most remembered, appreciated and lauded advertisement from Apple was “I am Mac, I am PC” advert. Companies need to learn how to make their ads as interesting, straightforward and memorable from Apple. Yes, it did take a direct dig at Apple’s archrival Microsoft, but again, did anyone really forget the ad? Never! The ad conveyed what a Mac does, precisely and in a way everyone can understand.

Yet another remarkable Marketing Strategy of Apple was to talk in layman’s language. Anyone would know just how advanced and technically solid, a Mac is. However, all their advertisements conveyed the message in layman’s terms. While all other companies used terms and jargons that only techies will understand, Apple chose to go the other way round. They used words like “retina display” “edge to edge glass” and other such terms, instead of display resolution.

This way, they made everyone understand the technology behind the making of Mac products, yet, without using terms.

One must really learn the art of presentations, product launches, feeding curiosity and arousing interest from Apple. Anyone following Apple’s moves would know how they create frenzy, before every product launch. It is shrouded with mystery and even the exact date, is not easily let out. They grab maximum attention, retain it during the launch and after the product goes for sale.

The way products are launched, go on to convey how much of efforts, research and love is put into the products! When Steve Jobs, explains the features and how the products work, it can lure anyone to give the product a try! His communication skills are truly excellent and every CEO can learn how a leader should lead from the front, only from Steve Jobs. This is yet another Marketing Strategy of Apple.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on marketing management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

When iPhone was first launched, the price was really high. It was promptly reduce only six months later and then once more after another six months. Irrespective of criticism, mistakes and wrong moves, Apple knew how to jump back and win customers, all over again. This can be attributed to the dynamic and innovative leadership of Steve Jobs, his drive to give the best for a reasonable price tag and phenomenal Marketing Strategy of Apple.