Marketing Strategy of Apple

Many opine marketing is for promoting products that would otherwise not sell! However, Apple changed this belief and showed the world, how marketing is to be done. Like everyone else, there were a few mistakes, but positives were even more and outweighed their mistakes. Let us take a look at the Marketing Strategy of Apple and how it was different.

Until Apple products were launched, everyone probably thought advertisements are a mere waste of time and energy and only worthless products are advertised. But, Apple created a product, one of its kinds, unparalleled be it with design, looks or technology and yet, marketed then vigorously. Their ads caught everybody’s attention and even with a product that will sell itself, their marketing was innovative, much like their products. Continue reading

Using Article as Your Effective Marketing Plan to Promote Your Products and Services

There are so many options to promote your products or services. As a businessman, you definitely know that promoting and advertising your products or services is the most important thing to do to make your business continue to exist. Businessmen usually promote their products or services by placing their ad on television, magazine, bulletin, newspaper, etc.

Those places are chosen because they have many readers and viewers. However, there are other places where you can place your advertisement. One of them is article. You can use article to place your advertisement. Article can be the effective marketing plan because it also has many readers. Continue reading

Sales and Marketing Management

Many people nowadays consider both sales and marketing as the same thing but if you ask specialists, they will clearly differ on this thought because although sometimes they could be used as interchangeable, but their meaning still differ.

Both sales and marketing primary objective is to work in the success of the business, but marketing is more like convincing people to come for that stuff and sales is to actually sell them. In other words, marketing deals with bringing the people in store and sales is to convince them to buy it. Continue reading

Plan Your Target Marketing Carefully To Grow Your Business

Managing our own business is a difficult task that needs to be done carefully since it is affecting life of many people. With a good business, someone can change his/her prosperity rate and help others to be prosperous too.

Deep knowledge about business is needed in order to keep the productivity always at its highest level. Some says that we (had) better learn a lot before we do a business to avoid bankruptcy at early stage.

However, there are some people who believed that it is a good idea to do business while learn about it in one go. Either way around, having a lot of knowledge about business can always help the process of the business growth itself. One of the important knowledge that a small business owner needs to have is a good marketing knowledge, especially target marketing matter. Continue reading

Marketing Strategy of Google

Who is never know with google?, Almost everyone who knew the internet would know google. Google known as the most powerful search engine that has helped millions of people to be able to find relevant websites based on the keywords given.

Actually, google was originally founded by two college students named Lawrance Page and Sergey Brin in which their research to the development google first held in garage of small house. But see, now Google is one of the richest companies in the world with revenues last year amounted to $ 33.3 billion, and let the 2 founders listed as top 5 richest people in the U.S. Continue reading

Marketing Strategy of Mc Donald

There are several basic elements that McDonalds focuses on when marketing their world famous hamburger chains. The first is affordability. With their $1.00 menu, their value meals and specials that they run nationwide, the message sent to the public is that everyone can afford to eat there. It’s a great place to take the kids and not go broke and on top of that, there’s a place for them to burn off some of their energy.

In addition to the affordability angle, McDonalds is usually at the top of the list when it comes to their kid’s meal toys, always going for the popular cartoons, and movies that draw kids in even more. There is a reason that even young toddlers can spot the golden arches and scream to stop. With catchy jingles, eye catching commercials and great toys, they are hard to beat and no one IS beating them. Continue reading