Marketing Strategy of Mc Donald

There are several basic elements that McDonalds focuses on when marketing their world famous hamburger chains. The first is affordability. With their $1.00 menu, their value meals and specials that they run nationwide, the message sent to the public is that everyone can afford to eat there. It’s a great place to take the kids and not go broke and on top of that, there’s a place for them to burn off some of their energy.

In addition to the affordability angle, McDonalds is usually at the top of the list when it comes to their kid’s meal toys, always going for the popular cartoons, and movies that draw kids in even more. There is a reason that even young toddlers can spot the golden arches and scream to stop. With catchy jingles, eye catching commercials and great toys, they are hard to beat and no one IS beating them.

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Since years ago when they made the Big Mac “two all beef patty…” jingle that everyone from that era still remembers to this day, to a bright red headed clown that makes appearances everywhere with his cheerful, moralistic messages and fun, McDonald’s has continued to grow with the times and their commercials continue to charm and draw people of all ages in.

They even promoted hiring the elderly with their commercials featuring elderly employees greeting customers as if it was their own grandparent they were coming to see. As the times change, so does their marketing message and that is how it should be.

Along with the health boom, they added salads, grilled chicken and healthier kid’s meal options to their menus, appealing to even the ones who don’t advocate “fast food” as a healthy meal. Now you can go there and get breakfasts that are 300 calories and less and know that you are not ruining your diet.

The taste of their food, the value of a dollar and the choices you have are all something that can be counted on. Go to any McDonald’s anywhere and your fries will taste the same. People know this and have come to count on their consistency as a place they love to eat and bring their families.

Another popular marketing strategy that makes McDonald’s the go to place is their birthday parties. While that has changed a bit, and they don’t have birthday hosts like they used to, McDonald’s is still a great place to have your child’s birthday with happy meals, play places and the freedom to bring in presents and cake. There is no charge to have your child’s party there, yet it’s perfect for a young one’s special day, as that is usually their favorite restaurant when asked.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on marketing management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

McDonald’s is about family and their marketing strategy has stuck with that for generations. Everyone knows the name, everyone knows the food and that popularity isn’t changing anytime soon. As times continue to change and people continue to eat fast food, McDonald’s will continue to deliver and that will keep them on top of the fast food industry for a long time to come.