Marketing Strategy of Google

Who is never know with google?, Almost everyone who knew the internet would know google. Google known as the most powerful search engine that has helped millions of people to be able to find relevant websites based on the keywords given.

Actually, google was originally founded by two college students named Lawrance Page and Sergey Brin in which their research to the development google first held in garage of small house. But see, now Google is one of the richest companies in the world with revenues last year amounted to $ 33.3 billion, and let the 2 founders listed as top 5 richest people in the U.S.

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Secret of Marketing Strategy of Google
Many people wonder about the Marketing Strategy of Google, but do you know the real secret of google success lies not only in technical skills but also lies in the principles that have held the firm since its inception?. Here is the list of Marketing Strategy of Google :

1. User First
The main principle in the marketing strategy of google are it made purely for the benefit of others, the pursuit of wealth does not become a first objective. It can be seen from the minimalist yet powerful impression that is presented on the main page, there you will not see the ads that interfere your eyes, there you can see the honesty of google to help people to find what they are looking for.

Search results provided by google also the most excelled for the time, Google always updating the algorithm that used in the search and indexing process in order to achieve results that are really relevant, it makes the user is really getting spoiled by the performance of google.

2. Changing Skills into Money
Google which has income tens billions of dollars every year is actually only use one product as their main income (97%), the product is called Google Adwords.

Google Adwords become the main weapon of google marketing strategy where the interests of the people to use google as the search engine used to get some cash by selling advertising space that is relevant to the search terms entered. This business is a weapon for rotation of money between the user searching through google and users who advertise on google, this is an intelligent marketing strategy of google.

3. Smart Acquisition
Until now Google has acquired more than 50 companies. This acquisition would not randomly done. Just mention some well-known websites that you may know: Youtube, Blogspot, Orkut, and even the world of mobile phones such as Android, or Google Car, it has been acquired and owned by google.

One secret destination marketing strategy of google is that they always want to expand every aspect of technology-based life, this concept makes google keep going to leave his opponents.

4. Innovative
Latest marketing strategy of google is their willingness to grow and learn to make them a leader in research and technology research for the history of mankind. Google has hired thousands of employees who are software developers, mathematicians, doctors and the best scholars so they can continue to provide innovation to the world.

Until now google is now only known as a search engine, but also as an online map (Google Earth), social networking site (Google Plus), an online dictionary (Google Translate), Google Scholar, and many other technology based products.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on marketing management, business strategy and personal development HERE.