Using Article as Your Effective Marketing Plan to Promote Your Products and Services

There are so many options to promote your products or services. As a businessman, you definitely know that promoting and advertising your products or services is the most important thing to do to make your business continue to exist. Businessmen usually promote their products or services by placing their ad on television, magazine, bulletin, newspaper, etc.

Those places are chosen because they have many readers and viewers. However, there are other places where you can place your advertisement. One of them is article. You can use article to place your advertisement. Article can be the effective marketing plan because it also has many readers.

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Nowadays, many people love reading articles because it is easier than bringing a lot of books. People only have to bring their laptop, find a hot spot where internet is available, then-voila-they can read article as many as they want. Moreover, people do not have to pay because it is free. By knowing the benefit of using an article to promote your products or service, I can say that article can be the most effective marketing plan.

Since article can be your effective marketing plan, you need to know how to write a good article, or other people say as review. At least, there are three things you need to know in order to write a good article or review.

First, make the list of the pros and cons of your products or services. You can only write the pros, so that people will be attracted. But, you need to be honest and say the truth about the pros. Do not exaggerate things because it can kill your own business. Since it is an advertisement, you have to write an article, which can affect your customers. Use persuasive words to persuade the readers to buy your products.

Second, you have to find a good keyword in order to attract people to read your article and make them easier to find your article on internet. Try to use three keywords rather than only one keyword because people usually will search what they need in easy and exact words.

Here, you need to do some researches about keywords, so that you know what keyword you will use. Placing the keywords is also important to know. Do not put too many keywords in one passage. Put them naturally, so the reader will not get bored when reading your article.

Last but not least is creating a good title for your article. Nowadays, people are getting smart. They do not want to waste their time on facing computer. Therefore, that is why when they type the keyword or title, they usually type it clearly. It will help them to reduce unimportant article.

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So, in order to make them easier to find your article, you can put your keywords as part of your title. Make them clear, so the reader will be easy to find your article. Since article is the most effective marketing plan, you need to be careful to write it because if you make a little mistakes, then you can lose your customers.