Short Course on Basic Managerial Skills

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Rooney seems to be competent in his current job. He enjoys working as an engineer, especially in the mechanical field. He likes to learn more about his job so he can share his knowledge and experiences to his staff. He learned on the job and considers himself a practical person. He is aware that he has reached the top level in engineering department because this is the highest position right now. He is simple and modest doing what he could to finish his tasks completely.

Mr. Rooney establishes close relationship with his staff. He treats his staff as equals and not as subordinates. He uses his personal approach to motivate and guide them to maintain a harmonious environment. He insists that his staff must help each other, especially in conditions where human resources are lacking. According to him, whenever a problem is evident, he prefers to discuss with his team, gets their inputs and opinions and finds alternatives together. Continue reading