Short Course on Basic Managerial Skills

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Mr. Rooney seems to be competent in his current job. He enjoys working as an engineer, especially in the mechanical field. He likes to learn more about his job so he can share his knowledge and experiences to his staff. He learned on the job and considers himself a practical person. He is aware that he has reached the top level in engineering department because this is the highest position right now. He is simple and modest doing what he could to finish his tasks completely.

Mr. Rooney establishes close relationship with his staff. He treats his staff as equals and not as subordinates. He uses his personal approach to motivate and guide them to maintain a harmonious environment. He insists that his staff must help each other, especially in conditions where human resources are lacking. According to him, whenever a problem is evident, he prefers to discuss with his team, gets their inputs and opinions and finds alternatives together.

For his daily routines, Mr. Rooney makes quick decisions, using his past experiences as basis. For bigger problems, such as leakages, he utilizes his own ideas first in order not to delay an action and immediately solve the problem rather than getting approval first from management. One time, he suggested building pipes for the water so that it could be recycled. This system is still used until now. He also initiated alternatives in handling the routine problems and the shortage of manpower by preparing a schedule where staffs were rotated, on first week they at mechanical section, second week at civil section, and third week at electrical section, etc.

In handling customer’s complaints, Mr. Rooney always tries to do his best and repair whatever is destroyed or broken. He does not handle customers directly but enjoys the satisfaction coming from his work. Usually, the guests complain because it takes a long time to fix or repair. As far as this is concerned, he said he could not do anything about it because of the lacking spare parts.

Right now, Mr. Rooney is still active doing his job. He never gives up and continuously wants to learn ways and means together with his team in fixing the equipment. Daily, he conducts routine check-up of the equipment to make sure it works when they need to use it. He is confident when it comes to technical decisions as long as within company policies and procedures. Nevertheless, he leaves ample room for flexibility.


Mr. Rooney is a friendly person. He is modest and keeps a low profile. He likes to support his team by working with them to finish their tasks. He maintains friendly relationships and avoids ‘basa-basi’ or pretentious approach because he prefers to be straight to the point when socializing. Despite the fact that he is technically competent in the area of mechanics, he takes in opinions of others and listens openly to suggestions. He speaks fluently and clearly, thus everybody enjoys having a conversation with him. He is also flexible in accepting new information and changes that are beneficial to the organization. Moreover, he likes to share his knowledge and does not mind to be contacted even at night if there are problems at site.


• Modest and low profile.
• Technically competent in his field.
• Emotionally mature, can control his feelings accordingly.

• Lacks confidence and undermines his own capabilities
• His being too close and friendly towards his staff is misinterpreted as a weak and tolerant leader. Therefore, he should improve his leadership style.


Mr. Rooney first joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1977, as an Elevator Technician, and in 1979, he became an Engineering Supervisor. He dealt with plumbing, air conditioning repairs and maintenenance, and all those related to mechanical engineering problems. He acquired various training, such as boiler, OTIS elevator training conducted by Depnaker. In 1995, he got promoted as a Head Mechanic at Apartment Istana Sun. He now has a crew of eleven and manages them together with the Electric Head. He reports directly to Assistant Chief of Engineering.

Mr. Rooney comes across as a modest and a man with a pleasant disposition. He projects a low profile that does not want to upstage others. In fact, he also undermines his own capabilities. He likes to make the working environment friendly so all his crew can work together and help each other. He is open to receiving input from his staff and his boss. He handles problems with ease, a lot of consideration and discussion, except for routines where he has to make fast decisions. He likes the work to be done perfectly and enjoy doing it together. He is always responsible for finishing his job. However, he needs to be more firm with his staff and be able to draw a line between time for work and when being with friends.

Based on our findings, Mr. Rooney has reached the peak of his engineering, repairs and maintenance career at Sun. He has proven to management and shown his capabilities that he is able and responsible to perform his duties despite the limitations such as shortage of manpower as well as shortage lack of tools/equipment. His technical competence was improved through the 25 years where he encountered varied situations. To date, Mr. Rooney Riyadi is still useful and seemingly doing well in his role.

However, age factor dictates that he should be preparing his replacement by now. We suggest that management choose someone with firm leadership and that current problems in the engineering department be immediately addressed to ensure efficiency and safety. We recommend Mr. Rooney Riyadi to be sent to technical skills training and a short course on basic managerial skills should management decide to keep him till he retires.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.