How to Become A Great Sales and Marketing Manager?

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Mr. Robbert started in Hotel Sun Jaya as part of the job training that is required in his academy. After almost 13 years with the hotel, he is now the Senior Sales Manager in the sales and marketing department. He helps the director of marketing to manage sales executives in doing their job. According to him, he feels that his efforts are not recognized and given importance by his boss and in effect, he feels uncertain of his career in this hotel.

Mr. Robby is a very hard worker. He tries hard to attract clients to do their business meetings and other functions in Hotel Sun Jaya. When working, he displays diligence and high commitment to finish a task and gets restless his work is unfinished. He prefers to do and concentrate on one task before beginning a new one. He takes pride in his work style and expects others to be like him. He enjoys being identified as a hard worker and may even go to extreme lengths just to look like his working or appear busy.

His work style and his problem solving techniques are based on his past experiences. He is able to deal with clients effectively and is even able to establish long lasting relations with them that go beyond business and work. He shares his knowledge with others, especially with those who are under him and have good relations with him. He is also organized in doing about his work and gives high prime on accuracy of details however, he tends to overlook at some things because of the amount of workload that is given to him.

As the current Senior Sales Manager he is tasked to assist the Marketing Director in managing the department’s Sales Executives. In the current set-up of the Marketing Department however, he also acts as one of the Sales Executive, searching and maintaining clients of the hotel during sales calls. Given the chance to be a leader, he feels that he would rather delegate tasks to his staff than handle all the work. In addition, he also feels confident that he would still be able to monitor and control his staff despite loose supervision. He tries to treat his current staff equally and he desires to work together to achieve a common goal. He is more at ease with people who share his goals and also have similar work style as he does. According to him, he tends to be impatient with people who are unable to meet his standards and intimidates them at times to push them to work harder.

Mr. Robby is a cautious decision maker. He prefers to know all the details and investigates all aspects of a situation before giving his final discretion. Although this method entails high accuracy, it also impedes the speed of his decision- making. Moreover, he has to get the approval of his boss before implementing any activity causing further delay in his decisions.

When asked to assess the current state of the Marketing department, he characterized it to be disorganized and unsystematic. He further adds that there is stiff competition among co- workers, but instead of having positive effect, this rivalry has stifled the improvements of social relations within the department and has in fact created more social conflict than harmony. Ideally, he feels that everybody in his department should cooperate and help each other out since they are a team. However, the exact opposite is happening. In hope of remedying the growing hostility in their department, he has suggested the regularization of morning briefings so as to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication, but was not given attention and is not implemented. In addition, he also tried to conduct a Team Building activity during their Ciater outing, but was not successful and failed to produce the desired results.

Mr. Robby has given the management a number of suggestions, drawn from his vast experiences in the field, that would improve the efficiency of the Sales and Marketing operations, but he feels that the management has disregarded his proposals. According to him he has proposed to give additional incentives to loyal clients such as having regular gatherings with them to show the hotel’s appreciation of their loyalty, and at the same time have secretary meetings that would showcase the latest information, activities and developments of the hotel. Unfortunately, the management cannot support his proposed event because of lack of finances. With this in consideration, he has to think of another, more economical way of letting the clients know that they are grateful for their loyalty and usually ends up giving them cakes, inviting them over to Sun Jaya for lunch and giving them a free extra room when they check in. He adds further that he suggested to do a revamp of Sales and Marketing area or segments for he feels that the current structure is ineffective and unproductive, but the Sales and Marketing Director did not give attention to his proposal.


Mr. Robby is very communicative and pleasant. He is able to easily persuade a colleague to believe in his abilities and to what he is saying. He is fond of talking and is a very good source of information and knowledge that are related to Sales and Marketing. He likes to be respected and to heard out and claims that if nobody listens to him while he is speaking, he gets offended and insulted. To avoid such negative feeling and situation, he ends up being less assertive, yet has the tendency to complain and whine about his ideas that are gone unheard to others.

Apart from being the Senior Sales Manager, he is also Sales Executive who directly deals with the clients. He enjoys both his responsibilities, despite the increase in workload, because he likes meeting people and making new friends in the process. He appears to be a flexible person, but is actually very rigid in selecting friends and people who work with him. He prefers to be with people who have the same vision and attitude as him. Moreover, he displays a high need for affection and emotional closeness from other people.


• Strives for the best.
• Disciplined and organized worker
• Quick in looking for alternatives

• Tends to be forgetful, does not like details.
• Low tolerance for latecomers or those who cannot meet deadlines.
• Low tolerance for people who do not have the same speed or work style as him.
• Tendency to be subjective which may create an unhealthy working atmosphere and competition


Mr. Robby first joined in Hotel Sun Jaya in 1987 as telephone operator and was promoted as group coordinator staff after two years. He was transferred to sales and marketing department in 1990 and became a customer service representative. After a while, he became banquet sales manager handling the sales for the room and banquet and was promoted as assistant sales manager focusing on room sales. Currently he is the Senior Sales Manager whose task is to assist the Marketing Director in managing and monitoring the performance of the sales executives.

Mr. Robby enjoys his work as sales executive but is experiencing some confusion about his position as senior sales manager because he has no specific responsibilities and role for this position. He takes the initiative to assist the marketing director even if his efforts are gone unrecognised. He likes to work hard and exerts his best efforts in all his undertakings. He has a high urgency to finish a task once he has started working on it and only then will he feel relaxed and at ease. He has the tendency to miss out on details which is why he makes sure that his staff is able to remind him constantly of the important information.

He gives many suggestions for the development of the sales and marketing department but the director hardly ever accepts his ideas. Currently, he admits to be demotivated because his boss fails to recognize and show appreciation for his efforts and sales performance. He is sociable and is fond of meeting new people. He is communicative and expressive of his emotions but has the tendency to start gossips and other rumours. He tends to play favourites and is only sincerely pleasant with people who share the same views, and goals as him.

Based on the above findings, Mr. Robby possesses the right skills for his job and displays potential for further improvement. Given the right training on career and relationship skill development, he will prove to be a valuable contributor to Hotel Sun Jaya.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and keting MarStrategy HERE.