Managerial Skills and Assertiveness Training

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Ms. Renauli enjoys her current job and treats it more of a hobby rather than work. She is adept to perform several tasks simultaneously and is flexible in doing her work. She possesses a macro- level perspective and is inclined to make more practical and logical decisions than theoretical ones. She practices delegation of tasks to her subordinates, but prefers to handle the more important details of a project or activity. She displays a strong need to achieve higher successes involving her personal life, but claims to be contented and satisfied in so far as achievements related to her career is concerned.

Ms. Renauli appears to have the confidence to exercise her leadership role to her two subordinates. She describes her leadership style to be participative for she allows her staff to be involved in a task and take responsibility for their own duties. Despite her confident display and exercise of leadership, she has difficulty in making quick decisions and attributes such inability to the system and structure of the organization that she belongs to. According to her, it is imperative that she gets the approval from her boss before she implements any plans or activities.

One of Ms. Renauli’s hobbies is making various arts and crafts. Her creativity with regards to her work however, is not as evident as her craft-making hobby. Suffice to say that she is able to meet the expectations of her clients and satisfy them to a great extent. According to her, she attends to the concerns of her clients personally, but in instances wherein she is unable to be physically present to handle the conflict, she addresses it through the phone and talks to the client calmly and with extreme politeness. In proof of client satisfaction, she receives presents, thank you letters and gets invited by her clients for dinner or lunch to show their appreciation for her efforts.

Ms. Renauli appears to be full of energy and enthusiasm for her job. She prefers to work with promptness without sacrificing the quality of her work and is performance and output oriented. She is able to work without close supervision from her boss but still gives the respect that is due him. According to her, she favors having established and clear rules and procedures that she may use them as a guide in making decisions, attending to customer complaints, disciplining staff and going about her work.


Ms. Renauli prefers to have a close and personal one on one interaction rather than group relations. She is, however, able to change this preference due to the nature of her job. She displays ease in adapting to change and is able to find means and ways to cope with it quickly and effectively. She is expressive of her emotions, yet is very tactful and considerate of others feelings. She finds no need to be a forceful or tough leader or person for she characterizes herself to be an “easy going” person. She has the tendency to avoid conflict or any problem concerning social relations and would rather leave it unsolved than get confrontational. According to her, when she feels upset towards a staff or co- worker she channels this negative feeling to her handicraft making and by doing this, she is able to relieve herself of any stress and is able to alleviate her emotions. Moreover, she is communicative and is able to express herself well both in bahasa- Indonesia and bahasa- Inggris.


• Adaptable to change
• Optimistic, motivated and enjoys her work
• Appropriate personality for interacting with clients

• Extreme avoidance of conflict
• Lacks adequate managerial skills
• May be too dependent on the boss for most of the decisions
• Low tolerance for arrogant, (sombong) people


Ms. Renauli has been with Apartemen Istana Sun (AIs) since 1998. She was employed as Marketing Manager of AIS, whose main duties involve scouting for clients to achieve the 100% occupancy rate target and doing constant after calls to monitor customer satisfaction and concerns. Aside from being the Marketing Manager for AIS, she also holds the Customer Service position.

Ms. Renauli displays a pleasant and positive disposition. She is shows contentment in her career achievements, but aims to attain greater achievements concerning her personal life. She is communicative and appears to be an easy- going person. She enjoys her job and does not see it as doing work. She finds no need to be forceful to her subordinates and describes her leadership style to be more participative than autocratic. She practices delegation of tasks to her subordinates and allows them to take charge of their part. She prefers to have clear set of rules and procedures that she will use as basis for her decisions and actions. She is able to work well even without close supervision from her boss. Her pace in decision- making is considered mediocre for according to her she has to get her supervisor’s approval before implementing any plans or activities. We suggest to look into this issue to confirm on her claim, otherwise, it may seem that she has become too dependent on her boss for decisions.

From the findings presented above, it appears that Ms. Renauli possesses the right personality and attitude for her current job. Her pleasant disposition allows her to win clients for AIS. Her communication skills are also considered to have a tremendous positive effect on her career. With increased freedom in decision- making, she has the potential to heighten her risk- taking abilities, which is also a trait of a true leader. Ms. Renauli is recommended for training to sharpen her managerial skills and undergo assertiveness training to be more competitive and meet the demands of the job.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.