How to Become A Great Sales and Marketing Manager?

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and keting MarStrategy HERE.

Mr. Robbert started in Hotel Sun Jaya as part of the job training that is required in his academy. After almost 13 years with the hotel, he is now the Senior Sales Manager in the sales and marketing department. He helps the director of marketing to manage sales executives in doing their job. According to him, he feels that his efforts are not recognized and given importance by his boss and in effect, he feels uncertain of his career in this hotel.

Mr. Robby is a very hard worker. He tries hard to attract clients to do their business meetings and other functions in Hotel Sun Jaya. When working, he displays diligence and high commitment to finish a task and gets restless his work is unfinished. He prefers to do and concentrate on one task before beginning a new one. He takes pride in his work style and expects others to be like him. He enjoys being identified as a hard worker and may even go to extreme lengths just to look like his working or appear busy. Continue reading