Job Achievement and Career Life

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Mr. Tonie appears as a relatively hard worker who has aspiration to produce significant achievement in his career life. In the role of being a leader, he tends to become a relaxed and tolerant leader who prefers to understand people’s feelings and needs. To accomplish the tasks, he generally would use more personal approach than line of authority. However, he does not hesitate to exert intense control toward his staff’s works. As a leader, he also makes special efforts to develop and nurture his staff for he believes that the success of team performance come from the whole team and not just from him as their leader.

Mr. Tonie does not feel comfortable to see the problems from the perspective of ‘big picture’. He also does not display expertise in the area of analytical or theoretical abilities. Rather, he approaches the problems through practical way. He also tends to be very quick in decision making to resolve problems. Combined with his fast working tempo, this quick decision making can accelerate the process of completing tasks. However, his extreme pace in making decisions can also create hasty and marginal decisions that is likely to bring negative impact on the quality of his works. Continue reading