Job Achievement and Career Life

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Mr. Tonie appears as a relatively hard worker who has aspiration to produce significant achievement in his career life. In the role of being a leader, he tends to become a relaxed and tolerant leader who prefers to understand people’s feelings and needs. To accomplish the tasks, he generally would use more personal approach than line of authority. However, he does not hesitate to exert intense control toward his staff’s works. As a leader, he also makes special efforts to develop and nurture his staff for he believes that the success of team performance come from the whole team and not just from him as their leader.

Mr. Tonie does not feel comfortable to see the problems from the perspective of ‘big picture’. He also does not display expertise in the area of analytical or theoretical abilities. Rather, he approaches the problems through practical way. He also tends to be very quick in decision making to resolve problems. Combined with his fast working tempo, this quick decision making can accelerate the process of completing tasks. However, his extreme pace in making decisions can also create hasty and marginal decisions that is likely to bring negative impact on the quality of his works.

He clearly displayed his fast tempo in dealing with customer complaints – especially when he was FO manager. He always tried to make immediate decisions to resolve the complaint and not to bring it up to higher levels.


Mr. Tonie appears as a relaxed and lenient employee who prefers to use personal touch in dealing with others. He likes to interact, build relation with diverse people, and uses his warmness to create intimate bonding with peers/staff whom he can trust. Although he enjoys interactions, he is apparently not a talkative person. He only communicates things that he feels necessary to share; thereby projecting him a shy person. In a variety of meeting involving large audiences, he tends to keep silent and avoids open debate with others. He does this tactic as a way to avoid conflict and help Sun Hotel in creating a harmonious workplace. In another perspective, he is also seen as someone who wants to play safe.


• Has high attention to details
• Good interpersonal approach
• Quick in making decisions

• His emphasis on personal touch could portray him as soft and weak leader
• Has an image of a too lenient worker
• Lacks creativity, simply follows the ordinary


Mr. Tonie has been spending most of his career in front office department. Started in 1978 as a telephone operator, he moved up the ladder until he became Front Office manager. After spending 3,5 years as FO manager, he rotated to become Credit Manager. In terms of staff number and span of control, this new position is somewhat lower than his previous one.

Mr. Tonie displays an ability as a warm leader who likes to apply his personal approach to accomplish goals. His attention to details may significantly help him in his current position that mainly deals with numbers. Nevertheless, his laissez-faire style of leadership radiates an image of a slow and demotivated employee — thus bringing a detrimental effect in the process of building high spirited workforce. His soft approach in dealing with others may also bring him in a dilemmatic situation when he must run a tough negotiation process with difficult customers (third parties) who are reluctant to pay their obligations.

Based on the above findings, Mr. Tonie seems to have adequately delivered what was expected of him and can still stay in Sun Hotel up until his normal retirement stage. At present, he lacks the technical as well as managerial skills necessary to support him in the new role as Credit Manager. For this reason, should he keep this position, it is recommended to equip him with training on negotiation skills and strategies to influence people and to make him more efficient in the future.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.