Job Promotion and Career Management

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Mr. Tabrani has been working in Hotel Sun for 25 years and started as a steward. He is a fast resolute person who wanted to study about cooking and he took the chance that was given to him by Sun. After 11 months he got promoted to a cook helper. Through hard work and perseverance, he eventually became the junior sous chef. Assigned in the main kitchen, he works together with the other sous chef for the preparation of daily menu as well as managing the kitchen staff. Together they prepare breakfast and lunch for most of the hotel outlets and room service.

Mr. Tabrani enjoys cooking and expressed that he wants to keep on learning so that he can achieve his goal to become a Sous Chef one day. With the current heavy workload he encounters, he has to get used to work with many tasks at one time.

As a junior sous chef, he knows that accuracy and carefulness in preparing and serving foods is a must. To avoid complaints from guest, he ensures that he checks the details of food preparation before hand. He is somewhat of a perfectionist and he does this to satisfy the customers and make them come again. He claims that most of the guests’ comments favourably about his cooking rather than complains.

When asked about the common complaints raised by guests, he mentioned about shortage in ingredients and items, like juice, cereals, etc. and the most talked about order, which is the sop buntut. To pacify the guests, he immediately apologized in a diplomatic manner and marked the item “sold out” just in case another customer orders the same. On the other hand, some satisfied guests rated their taste, service, and composition excellent and they get their value for money.

His expertise is making breakfast. Basically, he just arranges the menu for the day, prepares the material, and controls the cooks in preparing food. In addition, he enjoys cooking helping the rest of cooks, especially when there are big events. Despite his high sense of responsibility, he does not like being leader and controlling people. He’d rather work together, sharing the responsibilities with the rest of his crew.

Everyday in the kitchen they face all kinds of problems. He promptly handles situation and problems that arises in the kitchen. He thinks problems through and gets opinions from others to make him confident in making safe decisions. He can handle daily technical problems at once, but for bigger problems he has to further consider and rather ask more experienced chefs regarding the matter.


Mr. Tabrani is not able to balance his time between work and socializing. His main concern is his work and will not let others hamper his progress. He is knowledgeable in his field and holds true to his words. Mr. Tabrani displays a high commitment in accomplishing a task and exerts effort in producing the best quality products. He believes that he has the potential to achieve a higher position although lacks the persistence to attain his goal.

Mr. Tabrani does not like to talk much. He just listens to others if needed. His emotion seems slight. He can be so sensitive especially about his performance. If circumstances do not come along with his plan, he will be restless. He expresses his feeling carefully because he tries hard to act professionally and he attempts to focus in the work only.


• Displays concern on details and accuracy leaning towards perfectionism
• Consistent with the rules
• Helpful

• Appears stiff and rigid, too focused to work, needs some balance
• Trouble in controlling his emotion in stressful situation
• Easily gives up


Mr. Tabrani started as a steward staff when he first came in Hotel Sun. He was offered to learn cooking, and he was successful. Through his hard work and perseverance, he got promoted and is now the junior souse chef in main kitchen.

Mr. Tabrani tends to produce the best quality in his job. Together with his crew, he aims to satisfy the customers and anticipate the complaint by serving well-prepared and tasty food. His concern for details helps him in the food preparation. He is careful and double check before delivering the food to the guests. Mr. Tabrani loves cooking and he wants to learn more about it. He can handle daily technical problems in kitchen fairly well because of his familiarity and varied experiences. However, he is cautious in making bigger decisions, playing it safe than facing a risk. He likes to share thoughts with his crew, peers and his superiors. Unfortunately, his high devotion to his work does not balance to his social nature. He seems to have difficulty making friends. His unstable emotion sometimes effects his relationship with others. He implied that he is business oriented and wants to set up his own business one day.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Tabrani appropriate in his current position but do not display any potential for further development. Likewise, he does not possess the supervisory skills and positive personal attributes. Therefore, we do not recommend him for further promotion.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.