ISO and Standard of Quality

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Ms. Reny is a focused worker who never gives up in order to complete her tasks properly. She claims that she was suddenly assigned to be ISO person in charge by the management, even though she does not know anything about it. However, she did not feel down and started to get to know about ISO from her contacts. She uses her network – other ISO person in charge from other companies and the ISO certificate company – to get information and guidance as much as possible. Aside from that, she took the initiative to learn by reading the ISO manual and tries to implement it to her tasks.

At present, Ms. Reny’s duties are related to maintaining a high standard of quality by ensuring that work system and procedures are implemented properly. One of her major tasks is to maintain a good control of all pertinent documents of all operation departments. Therefore, she needs to be very careful and thorough, as she must check whether all rules and work procedures are meeting the ISO standard.

Ms. Reny is the only staff who handles the ISO matters. She laments that the department heads often neglect her; they think that it is useless to maintain an ISO standard if it is not actually implemented and supported by the management. To get their cooperation, she applies a lot of personal approach and continuously gives them explanation on the importance of maintaining ISO standard. She submits report to management and emphasizes that they should give proper attention on the hotel situation and condition.

Ms. Reny works fast and can accomplish much. She can be effective under time pressure. She also has good work stamina and grasp quite easily in ambiguous situation. She has good sense of responsibility and is confident to take decisions within her authority. Being a single fighter, Ms. Reny claims that she uses ISO manual to be able to develop proper documentation of each department’s procedures. Sometimes, she calls and asks information from the ISO certificate company to guide her in handling her daily activities.


Ms. Reny is outgoing – someone who has the ability to build good relationships with others – both group and individual. At present, she prefers to keep a distance to maintain her objectivity in taking action and dealing with people.

Ms. Reny is emotionally expressive and will not hide true feelings. She does not hesitate to enter into conflict situations with others especially if she thinks that she is right. She is very confident, and can become sensitive if being criticized by others. She likes new ideas and variety in handling her tasks. She is open to change and can adjust to diversified working situations with ease.

At present, Ms. Reny prefers to be balanced towards career and family life. Therefore, she is not very ambitious in looking forward to a higher position. She feels confident and happy working in Sun and enjoys the challenge she is facing in her current position.


• Highly confident with her own capabilities; never gives up when facing work obstacles.
• Works fast and has perseverance to accomplish work demand.
• Works effectively in structured environment with clear rules and guidelines.
• Communicative and can be diplomatic.

• Can be a bit manipulative in dealing with others.
• Tends to be sensitive and subjective in seeing things.
• Lacks managerial and leadership skills.


Ms. Reny finished her study in Foreign Language Academy in Solo in 1976. She continued her study in Sun University and obtained a Sarjana degree in Management in 1998. She has been working in Sun Jaya hotel since 1979. She started as Secretary of Housekeeping Department then moved to Personnel Department after working for 5 years. Last year, she was suddenly assigned as Legal Affairs and ISO Administration staff. She claims that she was very surprised at that time considering that she has no experience in handling the ISO matters. Presently, she is under the direct supervision of the Resident Manager and GM and works together with other Department Heads to compile data and pertinent documents to meet the ISO standard.

Ms. Reny’s strengths lie on her high confidence in her ability and “never gives up” personality. She admits that it was a very stressful situation for her when she was assigned as ISO administration staff without any experience. However, she did not refuse or reject the new posting as she saw it as a challenge. She works fast and her work is assured for its meticulousness and thoroughness. Her communication skill also supports her in persuading other departments on the importance of maintaining the ISO standard.

Based on the above findings, we are of the opinion that Ms. Reny is currently happy and contented in her position. She has the perseverance and does not give up easily when encountering work challenge. However, we find her to be too sensitive in seeing things and this may affect her in dealing with people. To be more effective, we also think that technical training especially in the ISO matters will give her more perspective and confidence in dealing with daily problems. In sum, we find that she can be a good support to company’s operations, but not in the managerial position due to her personality make up. We recommend her for further career enhancement. Should she be retained in the present position, she needs to have semi-formal course in ISO to support her better on the job.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management, Six Sigma and HR Strategy HERE.