ISO and Standard of Quality

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Ms. Reny is a focused worker who never gives up in order to complete her tasks properly. She claims that she was suddenly assigned to be ISO person in charge by the management, even though she does not know anything about it. However, she did not feel down and started to get to know about ISO from her contacts. She uses her network – other ISO person in charge from other companies and the ISO certificate company – to get information and guidance as much as possible. Aside from that, she took the initiative to learn by reading the ISO manual and tries to implement it to her tasks.

At present, Ms. Reny’s duties are related to maintaining a high standard of quality by ensuring that work system and procedures are implemented properly. One of her major tasks is to maintain a good control of all pertinent documents of all operation departments. Therefore, she needs to be very careful and thorough, as she must check whether all rules and work procedures are meeting the ISO standard. Continue reading