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As Senior Sous Chef, Mr. Samy can handle several cooking tasks at the same time. He divides his concentration and efforts to be able to serve customers’ orders. He is already familiar with the food and menu in the main kitchen, and really knows it by heart. He enjoys cooking and is able to create and modify the ingredients of the food so that they become more tasty and appetizing. Thus, he seems to regards work as something enjoyable, like that of a hobby.

Mr. Samy works according to basic recipes in the main kitchen menu. He is able to combine the basic menu with his past experience, so that the food can have better taste. He enjoys personally handling detailed tasks and is concerned about its accuracy and completeness. As a cook, he always makes sure that all ingredients are complete to be able to prepare the dishes as the order comes. He does not seem to mind an untidy set up, as he claims that sometimes cooking can be messy especially when he has to be quick to cook then serve. For this reason, he maintains flexibility in his work style.

Mr. Samy is quite confident in the leadership role. He has good sense of responsibility and feels that he is accountable for the work and action of his subordinates. His leadership style seems to be a bit autocratic, as he admits that he is very disciplined when leading his subordinates. He is firm and can be fussy when it comes to food quality. He will directly reprimand and scold his subordinates if they do not cook properly. He claims that he prefers to apply this approach because the work requires fast action and with the limited staff and resources and supplies, otherwise, he has to optimize it all for a good result and to avoid complaints.

When asked about his common problems, he mentioned the lack of ingredients, broken cooking equipment, and limited capable cooks. Thus, when there are many orders (at its peak) requested simultaneously, he keeps on motivating and encouraging his subordinates to be quick and cook as fast as him. Sometimes problems on missing ingredients and shortage of supplies are unavoidable, he is quick to think of alternatives by using his past experience. According to him it works as long quality and taste of the food is maintained.

Mr. Samy works reasonably fast and has good stamina to endure demanding tasks. He can work effectively with minimal supervision as long as given clear guidelines as well as rules and procedures to back up his decisions.


Mr. Samy is sincere and modest, projecting a low profile personality. He is the socially-introverted type who is selective in joining social interaction. He can relate with others both as group and individual without being too closed and attached so that he can maintain his objectivity. As a cook, his priority is to do his job, to cook fast and palatable. He has little or practically no time for socializing and chatting, as he is more occupied with work rather than social amenities.

Mr. Samy reacts immediately and openly expresses his true feelings to others. He admits that he can get emotional easily especially when his subordinates cannot work according to his expectation, which is cooking fast, serving quick, and excellent taste. He likes variety of tasks and likes implementing new ideas. He likes to create new recipes and modifies the ingredients of the dishes to continually improve taste so that customers will keep coming back. He also likes to be given feedback and suggestions from his superior and other cooks in his dish preparation. Mr. Samy is open and candid and will use his experience and expertise in persuading others to his point of view. He will not hesitate to defend his ideas and opinions especially if he thinks that he is right.

Looking at his need to achieve, Mr. Samy is relatively happy and contented in his present position. He does not project strong ambition towards career advancement. However, we find him to feel confident in handling his work activities and is willing to work at his best.


• He is a flexible worker, can handle several tasks at a time.
• He is detailed oriented; will make sure that everything complete and provided.
• He likes variety, open to new ideas and change.
• Displays initiative

• He can get emotional easily if things do not work according to his expectation.
• His flexibility may lead him to be disorganized.


Mr. Samy is actually STM graduate (mechanical field), who ended up a career in cooking. Admittedly, he likes cooking, too. He was appointed in Sun Jaya hotel 24 years ago as cook helper. During the period of 1982 to 1999, he was given promotion three times, as Cook, Chef de Pastry, and Junior Sous Chef. Due to his good service and contribution, he was promoted to Senior Sous Chef in 2000 and holds this position up to now. He reports directly to the Executive Chef and his main responsibility is to manage the cooking activities in the main kitchen, which serves the room service, Kafe Solo, and Sukoharjo Restaurant. There are three cooks under his direct supervision.

Mr. Samy likes cooking and enjoys what he has been doing for already 24 years in Sun Jaya hotel. He is a detailed worker who always makes sure that his food/dish preparation – the ingredients and other needed supplies – are complete and well provided everyday so that he and his team can give quick service as the order comes. He is a disciplined leader who demands his subordinates to work fast and in an orderly manner according to the recipes and steps that have been created. Being openly minded, he likes to be given input and new ideas for improvement applicable to his cooking.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Samy appropriate in his current position but does not display strong potentials for further development. He is confident in his cooking ability and knows how to cope with problems and difficulties which he regularly meets at work. However, his expertise, creativity and initiative support him to manage the situation and make things better. While he does not show strong ambition towards career advancement, he revealed that he enjoys his job and express contentment Sun Jaya Hotel’s Senior Sous Chef. For this reason, we recommend that Mr. Samy keeps his position and management address his needs to make him more effective, productive and more motivated.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

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