Personality and Job Style

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As Senior Sous Chef, Mr. Samy can handle several cooking tasks at the same time. He divides his concentration and efforts to be able to serve customers’ orders. He is already familiar with the food and menu in the main kitchen, and really knows it by heart. He enjoys cooking and is able to create and modify the ingredients of the food so that they become more tasty and appetizing. Thus, he seems to regards work as something enjoyable, like that of a hobby.

Mr. Samy works according to basic recipes in the main kitchen menu. He is able to combine the basic menu with his past experience, so that the food can have better taste. He enjoys personally handling detailed tasks and is concerned about its accuracy and completeness. As a cook, he always makes sure that all ingredients are complete to be able to prepare the dishes as the order comes. He does not seem to mind an untidy set up, as he claims that sometimes cooking can be messy especially when he has to be quick to cook then serve. For this reason, he maintains flexibility in his work style. Continue reading