Comfort Zone and Weak Leadership

Mr. Dean’s stay with the hotel has made him a tenacious worker. Despite his mastery in his field, he still gives high regard for details when making decisions or just simply going about his work. His high regard for details coincides with his pragmatic work style. The long service that he has rendered to the hotel has also given him a high tolerance for lack of order and has made him an unyielding manager and employee.

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However, at present, indicators show that he is not motivated in his job but claims that the laundry department still performs satisfactorily. He commented that he is working for the sake of working, and is just waiting for retirement day. When asked further, Mr. Dean expressed his grievances about the current condition of the aging laundry equipment and lack of chemical supplies plus the shortage in manpower yet a heavy workload of laundry washing. He said that these have been aging problems in his department and until now, the management has failed to take action on these issues. Continue reading