Human Capital Strategy

We all need to recognize the importance of people in building and developing a business. As well as any system that is created in a company, it will be determined by the people behind it.

Good leadership would be very concerned about human capital strategy in developing human resources. Human resource development strategy will be useful separately achieve the business strategy. In this case, the process of transformation in human capital made man as engine in the transformation process.

Based on the statements, it could be understood that the employee is no longer a cost but as human capital. The major role of every employee has provided many innovations that can provide added value to the company. This can be shown by the results from transformation of the human being is considered a cost. Continue reading

The Development of Human Capital

There are some disputes about the right perspective of human capital development. There are so many explanations that are available so far related to the question. However, to make those concepts understandable even by the dummies or beginners, it is important to make a simple definition on the similar topic.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on marketing management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

The terms of human capital comes as the modern shape of management seeking to give reliability, efficiency, and accountability for any organizations or companies. Those objectives are gained by empowering the workers through different kinds of choices for the good of both the recruiters and the workers. With the growing competition in the market, it is always necessary to ensure that an organization is way about the other when it comes to service delivery and quality product. Continue reading