Human Capital Strategy

We all need to recognize the importance of people in building and developing a business. As well as any system that is created in a company, it will be determined by the people behind it.

Good leadership would be very concerned about human capital strategy in developing human resources. Human resource development strategy will be useful separately achieve the business strategy. In this case, the process of transformation in human capital made man as engine in the transformation process.

Based on the statements, it could be understood that the employee is no longer a cost but as human capital. The major role of every employee has provided many innovations that can provide added value to the company. This can be shown by the results from transformation of the human being is considered a cost.

Every company does need to dig up the role of employees that serves the added value for the company. Through corporate culture are expected to provide performance culture, sales culture, and also the risk culture. Besides that corporate culture is also very helpful employees that can improve the quality of performance.

Through Human capital strategy able to realize in some cases, such as; internalization of corporate culture, good corporate governance, develop productive human resources, improve law-abiding. As human resources plays an important role in developing a performance company, these things would be important to support employee performance.

The better the quality of an employee, it will certainly have a positive impact for the company. Therefore, the role of human capital strategy must be completely developed and kept in mind.

Human capital itself has several components, namely individual capability, individual motivation, workgroup effectiveness, leadership, and also organizational climate. Some of these components have a different role in creating human capital capable of promoting the company. This is an important part in creating human capital strategy.

Human capital itself is actually part of intellectual capital. This means that human capital has a role as an economic value. Economic value associated with the ability, knowledge, creative ideas, innovation, commitment, energy, and loyalty. Besides that human capital also includes various combinations of capabilities possessed by every human resource in carrying out each task. Through adequate skills, the human capital creates a value to achieve corporate objectives.

The relationship between human capital strategy and corporate performance
Keep in mind that a company will have different performance if held by different people. That is why different human resources will yield different values even Manage something similar.

This is caused by the ability of each human resources and strategies used. If you look at the relationship between human capital and the company suggests that a lot of human resources associated with the level of turnover. This is why, low labor capable of producing higher labor with low productivity.

Based on the estimates of the performance was able to demonstrate the strength of the relationship between natural resources and productivity performance.

Therefore, human capital strategy is an important factor in increasing the value of the company. With the right strategy and the appropriate, of course it will have an impact on improving the company’s progress and a better career.