New Product Development Strategy

If you have a business, I am sure that you have already known what you have to do to run your business smoothly and how to improve or expand your business. Yes, one of the most important things to do is making product development. We cannot deny that people, the customers, need something different, even though it is from the same product. They need a variety.

You do not have to open a new business to attract your customer. You have only to make varieties of your product, so your customer will not be bored. You can take a look at Pond’s as the example. From the first time, Pond’s come as one of cosmetic brands, Pond’s only have two or three products. However, during the time, Pond’s starts releasing new cosmetic products in order to attract their customers. Continue reading

Developing Sales Promotion Strategy

Sales promotion is considered as a very important tool in the success of the business. It is the most heavily used tool, which decides that whether a company should be used at every time if you want to be known by the consumers.

Different marketing strategies come in very useful in this process.

Especially it becomes very useful when you are using push strategy. If the product is new, then this strategy is appreciated because when a product will be available on the front shelf, people will have a look at it and will sure give a glance. Push strategy not only work for new products but also it becomes very valuable for known products. With some help from television and billboard commercials, the push strategy will prove more than useful. Continue reading

Sales Promotion Strategy and Promotion Mix

Promotional mix has seven parts; namely, advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, publicity PR public relation, exhibition, corporate image and the seventh one is SALES PROMOTION.

Sales promotions are of two types; consumer sales promotions and trade sales promotions. Sales promotion can be directed at customers, distribution channel members such as retailers or either sales staff. Consumer sales promotions target the consumers while trade sales promotion is at the retail wholesales. Continue reading

Human Capital Strategy

We all need to recognize the importance of people in building and developing a business. As well as any system that is created in a company, it will be determined by the people behind it.

Good leadership would be very concerned about human capital strategy in developing human resources. Human resource development strategy will be useful separately achieve the business strategy. In this case, the process of transformation in human capital made man as engine in the transformation process.

Based on the statements, it could be understood that the employee is no longer a cost but as human capital. The major role of every employee has provided many innovations that can provide added value to the company. This can be shown by the results from transformation of the human being is considered a cost. Continue reading

Developing Best Human Capital Strategy

A varying global competition, labor force, new knowledge, information technology progress, the global recession in 2008, as well as the needs for sustainable operation have led corporate leaders to assess and re-examine how they operate and manage.

In turn, corporate leaders are making use of new technologies, shifting the structures of their organizations, relocating personnel, redesigning work, and enhancing work procedures. These variations have important propositions for how human capital must be administered and how the functions of their human resources must work.

In the past, increasing figures of chief-executive-officers have been referred to as highlighting the human capital’s importance in an organization, conveying a need to build on and sustain human capital, or the demand for talent management in a company. Continue reading

Market Segmentation and Sales Strategy

Market Segmentation is a marketing term that describes a strategy to summation of prospective customers into segments that have similar needs and react alike to a marketing action performed by a company. Segmentation helps companies to target a number of different customers divided into groups that perceive a need of a product differently. By doing so, the companies are able to satisfy the needs of different buyers by using unique marketing strategies to boost sales. Continue reading