How to Develop Sales Strategy for a Bad Economy?

It is important to recognize that the world economy does not remain the same. What was good a month ago could become a disaster now. In the times of economic crisis, it is important for companies to understand it and adjust their sales strategies accordingly. However, this does not mean in any way that a firm should destroy its previously built image or lower its product standards. There are ways to increase or even maintain sales strategy in bad economy. Continue reading

Talent Management and Strategy: Methods for Best Talent Management

Talent Management and Strategy is very important for small scale businesses. This is basically done to make employees faithful. This gives employees a chance to develop their talents and point them in the right direction. This ensures that the company has knowledgeable, skilled and capable employees. A talented employee is more than an asset for the company.

The performance of such an employee directly influences the company. Right now companies need raw pure talent. For better revenue growth companies need man power that is talented, a man power that can revolutionize the company, develop new products, give amazing client service and make your company’s market presence. Continue reading

Social Media Recruitment Strategy

There are over thousands of conferences held in a year around the world, many people attend those conferences, do they even learn? In true facts many people don’t even listen to what the person is saying half of them time. As these conferences there was a recent conference that was on social media and recruitment strategy.

For those of you who don’t know what recruitment strategies are they need to understand a few things. Recruitment strategies include different strategies which will help you in getting a job. Every year there is a huge conference on social media and recruitment strategy, where people share their success stories. Continue reading

Business Strategy from Singapore Airlines

(You can download excellent powerpoint slides about blue ocean strategy HERE ). Singapore Airlines (SIA) is avoidable known as one of the greatest brands in the global business world. This company from the lion country is also known as one of the best flight airlines in the world, whether in the financial aspect also in the customer satisfaction rank, beating the other famous airlines such British Airlines, Fly Emirates, and Qantas.

And as the previous, the Singapore Airlines surprising the world airlines public when they held the premier launch several weeks ago, for the jumbo jet Airbus A 380 – a giant airplane product with the two multistoried seat along the cabin; a spectacular product, a masterpiece of the factory, the Airbus consortium, to compete the eternal rival, Boeing from USA. Continue reading

Three Types of Business Strategy

What makes Microsoft superior? And, why Nokia able to become the customer’s most wanted cell phone product ? And what makes BMW for many years became the icon of the prosperity, and the people keep hunting it ? (You can download excellent powerpoint slides about blue ocean strategy HERE ).

Learn from the success stories of the leading global companies in servicing the customer, seems that there are some wisdoms to learn. The main lesson is : that the process of servicing the customer eventually must starting by choosing the right strategy. In other words, the process of servicing the customer need is not just appears from the sky, but it must be synchronized with the chosen corporate strategy that has been decided. Continue reading