Career Path and Job Experience

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Mr. Harry is an organized and tidy worker which is probably due to the nature of his job as a housekeeper. From the lengthy years of work experience in housekeeping, this has made him the practical person he is today. He handles problems quickly using his knowledge gathered from past experiences. Task committed, he will not stop something he started until it is finished.

Mr. Harry is very disciplined and strict when it comes to the rules and regulations of the hotel. He is always on time and he trains his staff to also be on time. He coordinates his crew with authority and is always consistent regarding the consequences for disobedience. He tries to guide them so they can work carefully, which are the important part of housekeeping. He would talk with his staff personally even outside the job. As an example, he does not tolerate non-serious workers during working hours, but lightens up and jokes around with them after work. Continue reading