Negotiation for Salary Increase

A negotiation for salary increase can be quite challenging especially if the person needs to face a very hard boss. Knowing the practices and approaches in the office will help make everything seem more formal and decent. It’s also ideal to get more information and try to pick the best timing to get a positive response. The idea is to present yourself and request in a positive light so that the superiors will understand how much you deserve the raise. Continue reading

Personal Power to Conduct Negotiation Successfully

Herbert A. (Herb) Cohen is a lawyer, management consultant, convention speaker, trainer, seminar leader, high-powered negotiator and a very funny fellow. He has taught negotiation skills at educational institutions from the University of Michigan and Harvard to the F.B.I. Academy.

He has appeared on NEC’s “Today” and “Tomorrow” television shows and has consulted with the White House on negotiation strategy and tactics. The following is a sample of the wit, wisdom and snappy patter that colors Cohen’s speech as he explains how we all have the personal power it takes to conduct successful negotiations. Continue reading

Negotiation Skills Training

What do you think of when you hear the word NEGOTIATION? Ambassadors and generals seated around a mahogany table, wheeling and dealing nuclear weapons and the fate of nations?

OPEC oil ministers nose to nose with oil company executives? Labor and management locked in a 12th-hour contract struggle? Buyer and seller haggling over the price and terms of a cow or a car? According to Dr. Israel Unterman, most of us do think of negotiation in this limited, tough-guys-finish-first, win-lose sense. Continue reading