Negotiation for Salary Increase

A negotiation for salary increase can be quite challenging especially if the person needs to face a very hard boss. Knowing the practices and approaches in the office will help make everything seem more formal and decent. It’s also ideal to get more information and try to pick the best timing to get a positive response. The idea is to present yourself and request in a positive light so that the superiors will understand how much you deserve the raise.

The Basic Guidelines

Start by learning the proper pay activities in the office. Know the frequency of salary increase and then determine the percentage that’s due to you. A company that regularly raises the salary will most likely be lenient to the terms of the employee. Usually, the percentage increase is already set so there’s little chance for individuals for negotiation for salary increase once this has been announced. Have a general idea how much money should be paid to someone in the same position. It’s best to talk to others in the same position in other companies to have a general idea. Make sure that the right company procedures are followed. The salary increase format of other groups and companies may be different and it might not always follow or apply.

Setting the Meeting

For negotiation for salary increase, it’s always best to setup a meeting with the boss instead of writing a letter. It’s best to provide a quick and short idea on what the topic of the meeting will be so that the boss is already informed and probably expects what you’re going to say. Do not surprise the boss by suddenly talking about the pay raise. It’s best to give some hints that it might already be time for the increase. Speak in a very calm and positive tone.

Preparing for the Meeting

The employee should list down all the accomplishments, activities and things that he has done since his last pay raise. This will add more value to his discussion and request. The employee has to show that he has been a valuable part of the company and deserves the salary increase as stipulated in the contract or rules of the organization. It will help to prepare the documents that prove that the salary increase is already due. The more important thing to show is the effectiveness and usefulness of the person in the office. This will make the person more valuable and worthy of the request.

Setting Objectives

It’s also best to share a number of objectives and goals. The employee should show that he is still currently doing a lot for the company and is meeting all the deadlines and assignments provided. The person should give the impression that the negotiation for salary increase is also a way to reward or supplement his bigger and more effective plans for company growth and development. Superiors will most likely respond to the request positively if they feel that the person deserves it. Give the superior some time to think about the request. Some bosses will answer during the meeting itself while others will need 1 to 2 days to respond.