Salary Standard for Sales People

A company is represented in the market and over the entire world by their sales people. The product and services of a company are energetically promoted by the sales people of a company. Revenue growth and production are a company’s top most priority, sales people provide it by being the front runner and face of the company in front of the customers and people in general.

The employees who work as the sales people of a company have direct impact on the clients and the market itself as a whole. These impacts are about the products of the company in which they work and about the employee as well. Continue reading

Negotiation for Salary Increase

A negotiation for salary increase can be quite challenging especially if the person needs to face a very hard boss. Knowing the practices and approaches in the office will help make everything seem more formal and decent. It’s also ideal to get more information and try to pick the best timing to get a positive response. The idea is to present yourself and request in a positive light so that the superiors will understand how much you deserve the raise. Continue reading

Salary Standard for Banking Industry

A lot of people are wondering about the salary standard range for banking industry. Just like several other positions in other industries, people in banks are given relative salaries based on their current position, the years they have been with the group and their background. A few factors can also determine how much the person can expect to have based on experience. Knowing the standard will help applicants find the right place to work for. Continue reading

Salary Standard for Consumer Goods Industry

Many people who wish to enter the consumer goods industry will have to learn about the different processes of demand and supply. The chain has to be continuous and well-maintained by different parties and individuals. People who wish to join the network should have an idea about the standard salary for consumer goods industry. The salary range can be compared with what others receive in the same industry or in other companies. It’s best to do some research first to get the most out of the group you join. Here are some tips. Continue reading

How Much the Salary for HR Managers?

In terms of job seeking of all job fields including the human resource, the term of salary and obligation is one of the most important things to discuss. A human resource professional needs to carry out many tasks.

Some of the most typical duties of human resource professional are keeping the consciousness and conformity of the federal, state and local labor laws and accomplishing the resourcing recruitment and selection of the new staff. In this article, we discuss more about HR salary along with its obligation. If you are interested to pursue a career in human resource field, keep reading here. Continue reading

Salary for Training Managers and Trainers

A new figure of power is moving into the corporate circle of strategic decision makers, report Korn/Ferry and Heidrick and Struggles, the nation’s two largest executive search firms. The trend has profound implications for trainers and human resources development (HRD) managers seeking to move up the company ladder, says David Brinkerhoff, president of Abbott-Smith Associates, the leading executive recruiter in the training field.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

The new executive goes by several names, from Vice President/Human Resources to Chief Personnel Officer (CPO). Brinkerhoff predicts trainers and HRD managers will be strongly represented among the new CPOs of this decade. As such, they’ll enjoy unprecedented clout: a vice-president’s title, an officer’s chair and a voice in strategic planning. But they’ll also have to abandon a long-cherished fan¬tasy— that of an HRD empire that’s a corporate power unto itself. Continue reading