Distribution Management and Supply Chain System

Distribution management is highly concerned with the acquisition of goods, proper storage, and the shipping. As a manager, you will decide how the products are services are delivered, and where.

This particular aspect also involves conducting market research to determine which goods/services are currently having high demand. If you decide to become a distribution manager, you will need the right skills and attitude. You need excellent communication skills, problem-solving, and leadership.

Most companies that stock or ship products have a distribution management team or department. The team will handle all tasks related to market research to find out which products are saleable, and determining how much of the product must be in stock.

In this kind of job, the distribution manager advertises to potential clients (e.g. retailers) through magazines or catalogs where the outline of the products is presented together with the special deals and prices. Orders are usually obtained by phone or through email. In local companies, the manager visits the retailers personally to discuss about ordering terms and the products.

Even manufacturing plants have a distribution management department. The main task is to determine what should be produced and how much. Aside from this, this aspect is also concerned with selling directly to customers or retail businesses. Market trends must be analyzed to make the most profits.

Only the items that are likely to be sold must be shipped. Distribution management is somewhat similar to delivery management wherein the company must make consistent and timely deliveries. Popular products should always be in stock because this is an added advantage.

If you plan to be involved in distribution management, you should possess great communication skills. A distribution manager works closely with trucking companies, business owners, and other professionals. It is just right that you know how to deal with different kinds of people. it would also be great if you have a business degree.

Many of today’s businesses are now using distribution management systems. Basically, these are applications that monitor or control the distribution network. You can be sure that the system can handle all the tasks reliably and efficiently.

The distribution chain is composed of different phases, and a manager can’t possibly oversee all these things at once. With the right system in place, the concerned personnel can monitor all phases from delivery to payment, and that of service management.

You can efficiently manage stocks, services/products, and customers by using a distribution management system. For business owners who want to cut down cost and eliminate the need for a distribution management department, this is the ideal solution.

You can see the various business processes on your screen and you can immediately make informed decisions. Coordinating all your sales activities is very easy when you make use of the right application.

Having an automated system in place is highly preferred by today’s business owners. However, in the case of large companies, there is usually a distribution manager to handle the tasks and is oftentimes combined with these applications.

If you want to reduce cost and increase sales, be sure to give distribution management adequate attention.