Banker Competency Requirements

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a banker later in life? If yes, you should know that it doesn’t take a genius to be part of one. In fact, you just have to pass the banker competency skills that are required by a particular bank, and you can already be one of its most sought after employees.

Once you are already recognized as one of the few bankers in the industry, you can already continue climbing the corporate ladder of bankers.

For you to be one, you just have to comprehensively understand the necessary banker competency skills that you need to have. Some of these are:

1. Accounting Proficient. First and foremost, a banker or bank personnel should be very good in math and numbers in general due to the relevancy to his or her daily task.

The successful candidate is preferably a graduate of any banking and finance course, but is not actually required. That is especially true if the candidate has a wide background in banking, business, and finance associated jobs.

Not all positions in a bank is all about accounting and financing, though. There are some administrative and legal positions that require other banker competency skills than the regular ones. This will all depend on the bank and its directors. These positions sometimes require the relevant courses to the position.

There are some positions, especially those higher ones, which require additional disciplines like masteral and doctorate. But some banks also take into consideration those employees who have the capacity to serve higher positions and thus, promotion is necessary.

2. Excellent oral and written communication. Due to the daily chore of bank personnel, they need to have very competitive oral and written communication skills. They have to understand and speak proficiently to their clientele in representing the bank.

If personnel can’t do that, how can a customer trust the bank to take care and protect his investment in the future? For this reason, these skills are always part of the banker competency skills. Only those that can pass with flying colors are taken into consideration in the deliberation of the top officials of the bank. Whoever passes and becomes a banker is also taken as the best among the pack of applicants who took the banker competency skills.

3. High sensitivity to customer service. Being a bank personnel or simply a banker takes a lot of wit and intelligence because it is all about people and their businesses.

It is then very important that the candidate for a banking position is not only bright or has a high intelligence quotient, but also has a high emotional quotient. He or she needs to be very sensitive to the needs of the bank clientele and is ready with the right answers all the time. Thus, this implies that he or she must have good analytical skills.

These three are just the most basic banker competency skills that one needs to pass. So, if you would like to be a great banker, you need to master all of these.